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Parking Citations FAQ

Citation FAQ

Please find a list of frequently asked questions regarding UMass Lowell citations below. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the UCAPS office by phone at 978-934-2800 or by e-mail at

What are my options after receiving a citation?

Per Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 90, Section 20A, the citation you received must be paid or appealed within 21 days. Information about payments can be found on our Pay a Citation page, and information about appealing can be found on the Appeal a Citation page.

What if I do not pay or appeal my citation after 21 days?

Per M.G.L. Chapter 90, Section 20A, the University will send your citation to a collections agency after 21 days. That citation will accrue an additional $5.00 late fee and must be paid at This fee covers processing charges to the collection agency.

If no action is taken after 60 days of the citation, the University will submit your citation to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which will result in the non-renewal of the license to drive and the certificate of registration of the registered owner. Non-renewal will prevent the registered owned from renewing their vehicle registration or driver's license, and also results in an additional $20.00 fee which is paid to the state of Massachusetts.

Why did I have a hold flag placed on my account after I graduated or left the University?

Per University Administration, our office is unable to place hold flags on student accounts preventing them from registering for classes. Once a student has graduated or left the University (i.e., transferred, discontinued, etc.), we place hold flags on your account to increase our citation compliance. This flag will prevent students from receiving their transcripts or diploma, or enrolling in classes if they return to the University at a later time.

Who reviews my appeal?

All appeals are reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee consisting of members of

  • Faculty
  • Student Government Association
  • UCard, Access and Parking Services
  • University Police.

How long do I need to wait for my appeal outcome?

Depending on the time of year, it may take between one and four weeks for the outcome of your appeal. But rest assured that no additional penalties will be applied to your citation while your appeal is under review.

My appeal was denied; can I appeal again?

No. Decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee are final.

My appeal was denied; how long do I have to pay it?

If your appeal was denied, you have 10 calendar days to pay your citation. After this time, your citation will be subject to our collections proceedure and may begin to accrue late fees.

Who can I speak to about parking lot issues?

It is best to submit all parking lot issues in writing so they can be reviewed by our Parking Committee. You may forward any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints to or mail them to 1 University Ave, Lowell, MA 01854.