Outstanding Balances, Refunds & Withdrawals

  • Who is eligible for a refund?

    Refunds are issued to a student whose account has been overpaid. Overpayments resulting from payment plan contracts (such as the Tuition Payment Plan) will not be eligible for a refund until the contract for the term is paid in full.

  • Will I be notified if I have a refund?

    Eligible students are notified via their University-issued email address when and where the refund check will be available.

  • When will my refund be ready?

    Refund notices will begin the week after the disbursement of financial aid. Watch your email – this is how you will be notified.

  • I think my account is overpaid. Why didn't I receive a refund notice?

    If you are not receiving an expected refund notice, first check your “To-Do List” on your iSiS account prior to calling our office. Any unmet financial aid obligations may prohibit funds from being applied and deducted from your charges. Be sure you have completed all of your financial aid obligations and checked iSiS to verify that your account has been overpaid.

  • How can I verify a refund has been issued?

    Log into your iSiS account. Go to Student Center. Scroll down to Finance. Click Account Summary > Term > View Account Detail. Scroll down to Refund section.

  • How will I receive my refund?

    Students can have refunds from UMass Lowell deposited directly into a bank account.

    Here is what to do:

    • Make sure you have your bank's routing number and checking or savings account number ready.
    • Log into iSiS Student Self Service, click on Campus Finances, and then click on Enroll in Direct Deposit.

    For detailed instructions, go to iSiS Job Aids, scroll down to the job aid section and select Enrolling the Direct Deposit.

    Once you set up direct deposit in iSiS Student Self Service, any monies owed to you, such as refunds for over payment or financial aid excess amounts, will be deposited directly into the one bank account you have designated.

    If a student has not signed up for Direct Deposit their refund would be made available via check made payable to the student. The only exception is when an account has been overpaid due to a Parent PLUS Loan. The check is made payable to the parent.