University Launches Merit Website for Student Recognition

By Patricia McCafferty

Our students are doing great things every day. Making the dean's list, participating in a club activity, landing an internship and studying abroad are just some of the great student stories starting on campus. You can help them celebrate their achievements by using Merit, our student recognition program. These achievements appear as custom badges on their Merit page, building a running profile of their activity.

You can nominate your class, student group or a single student to receive a badge by contacting us at with your ideas. We will need students’ names, ID numbers, hometowns and ZIP codes, as well as a description of the activity and a picture if possible. All student lists will be checked for FERPA holds to maintain student privacy. Scholarships, athletic achievements, community service and campus engagement are just some of the many areas we aim to cover. 

Once students have a Merit page, they can add a picture, academic activities and work experience. Having a collection of college achievements will benefit students as they move forward in their academic careers and after graduation. Potential employers can find their achievements and activities in one spot, which helps them verify resumes and learn more about our students. If you have any questions please, visit our Merit information page or contact us at

You may have already heard about Merit since we’ve started the program. If you’ve worked with us on an announcement, thank you and we hope you will continue to do so. We’ll be sending out new badges regularly, so ideas for accomplishments to recognize are more than welcome. 

We’re excited about this program and look forward to sharing more student stories with your help!