RecyleMania Electronics Recycling Tops 15 Tons

By Richard Lemoine

The final tallies are in and UMass Lowell collected 30,137 pound of electronics in 30 days as part of RecycleMania, a national collegiate competition that seeks to promote recycling. As a result, UMass Lowell placed ninth out of 68 participating colleges and universities in the electronics recycling category.

During the program’s 60-day food service contest, a benchmark was calculated in which the University is generating 4,500 pounds of compost from all residential dining hall and catering service food waste collected on campus each week. Dining Services is doing an excellent job of limiting food waste and in supporting the food composting program. Launched in September at Fox Hall, collection of food waste for composting has been expanded to dining halls across campus.

With a commitment to being carbon natural by 2050, the University has numerous sustainability and energy conservation efforts under way. This was the first time the University competed in the RecycleMania program. Thank you to everyone in the UMass Lowell community who supported the RecycleMania efforts. 

Visit the Recycling and Sustainability website for more information or email