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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.


UML facilities staff take TNEC training to protect themselves in case of a hazardous spill.

UMass Lowell facilities staff take TNEC training to protect themselves in case of a hazardous spill.

TNEC offers its clients two options to meet their training needs. Clients can choose from a contract course or an open enrollment course. Upon the completion of each course, students receive a certificate and a wallet card that document their training.

Contract Courses

Contract courses are designed on TNEC's standard course curriculum. They are then customized to meet the needs of a specific client or industry. Most contract courses are delivered at the contracting client's site. By customizing a course to meet the specific needs of that industry, including personnel needs, equipment, chemical exposure, space and common incidents encountered, employees and management experience and retain the course materials as it applies to their own site. The pricing for contract courses are negotiated based on several factors including number of participants, location, materials and industry. Submit a request for a quote.

Open Enrollment Courses

Open enrollment courses are courses TNEC offers on an ongoing basis at our training center in Lowell, Massachusetts. The open enrollment courses generally consist of 15-25 students from various employers or organizations with a variety of backgrounds. Prior to each open enrollment course, TNEC trainers review the student enrollment's business types, chemical handling information and hazard exposures. Upon this review the trainers attempt to personalize the course to best meet the needs of the attendees.

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