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Each year UMass Lowell and community partners collectively organize Lowell Earth Day, a city-wide, month-long celebration of the arts, nature, and sustainability culminating in a downtown Festival and Parade.

The 2018 Lowell Earth Day Festival & Parade will be on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at UTEC in Downtown.

Get the most up to date 2018 Lowell Earth Day information on the Lowell Earth website.

We noticed many organizations and institutions sporadically hosted individual Earth Day events in Lowell and surrounding communities but there was no collective effort between all the groups. This all changed in late 2014 when UMass Lowell led an exploration of opportunities for collaboration with a wide variety of community organizations and UMass Lowell faculty, students and staff to create a month-long calendar of events for April. It was a huge success and annually since over 50 organizations stage events to celebrate Lowell’s sustainability in all of its aspects – environmental, artistic and cultural and participate in Lowell's Earth Day Festival & Parade at the end of April.

To learn more about the event and to view photographs of past events please visit the Lowell Earth website. Their website is updated frequently as April approaches each year and should be referred back to regularly.