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Water Conservation

UMass Lowell has had Water Conservation fixtures in its Design Standard since the first Plumbing Standard and the Sustainability Guidelines were written in early 2011. In the last fiscal year Facility Management finished upgrading all five floors of restrooms in Wannalancit with new low flow fixtures. In the Maker Space on the Falmouth Hall first floor we did the same and also installed Instant Heat tankless heaters.

All LEED designed buildings were fitted out with water conservation fixtures. This includes ETIC, HSSB, University Suites, both University Crossing buildings, Bourgeois and Leitch resident halls, McGauvran Hall under construction and the Pulichino Tong Business building currently in site development.

University Crossing has built rooftop plantings that absorb rainwater, provide insulation and reduce the effects of heat.

The Infrastructure Renewal Project, scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2016, will be decommissioning old restrooms and installing 22 new restrooms containing all water conservation fixtures.

In the AEP project, Ball, the Boathouse, Concordia, Dandeneau, Donahue, Durgin, Falmouth, Kitson, Lydon, O’Leary, Sheehy, and Southwick are having low flow restroom conversions and in the aforementioned resident halls the plan is to replace the shower heads with low flow type if not already converted.