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Arial Photo of Campus

Battery & Small Electronics Recycling

Batteries and Small Electronics are recycled free of charge for all University members. Collection bins have been spread throughout campus in high-traffic locations. If you have a larger item please email:

They are hanging on the walls in the locations listed below. All materials are sent out to responsible vendors who dispose of all batteries and small electronics in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

North Campus Locations

Hall Floor Description
Olney Hall Basement By exit to the Bus Stop
Olney Hall 1st Floor By Elevators and Einstein's
Olney Hall 2nd Floor Bridge Between Olney Hall and Ball Hall, near Olney end
Ball Hall 2nd Floor By the POD Market
Falmouth Hall 2nd Floor Near Mailroom
Southwick 1st Floor In Cafeteria near trash and cashiers
Cumnock Hall Basement In hallway underneath mailboxes, Note: temporary box in use
Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center 1st Floor Lobby, tucked near the rear entrance
Olsen Hall 1st Floor Lobby

East Campus Locations

Hall Floor Description
University Crossing 1st Floor Lobby, Building A, Near Elevators
University Crossing 1st Floor Lobby, Building B, Near Elevators
Fox Hall 1st Floor Lobby, Mailroom
Donahue Hall 1st Floor Lobby Near Elevators in Common Area
University Suites 1st Floor In Lobby near Hawk's Nest Cafe
Wannalancit 1st Floor By Elevators Suffolk St. Lobby
Inn and Conference Center 1st Floor Near Elevators, Student side

South Campus Locations

Hall Floor Description
O’Leary Library 1st Floor Near Starbucks
Riverview Suites 1st Floor
Lobby, near entrance
McGauvran 2nd Floor Near Bridge
Durgin Hall 1st Floor Lobby
Sheehy/Concordia Hall 1st Floor In Link
Dugan Hall 1st Floor Main Lobby, near elevator
Health and Social Sciences Building 1st Floor Lobby, Near Elevators
Weed Hall 1st Floor Lobby, near Lecture Halls