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Waste Minimization

UMass Lowell has a well-developed Recycling & Waste Diversion program in place and continues to see reductions in solid waste and increases in recycling. The university's primary goal is to reduce our overall output of waste. The majority of recycling occurs through our single stream recycling program including all mixed paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, aluminum, tin and steel. Collection bins with clear signage are located throughout the university and picked up regularly.

During FY 2015 our compost program expanded to cover all food service operations campus-wide. On October 1, 2014, the effective date for the MA organics waste ban, the DEP Commissioner, David Cash, and his team visited the university to recognize us for our notable composting efforts prior to the organics waste ban becoming effective.

The end of the spring 2015 semester marked our second move out donation drive, where students donate usable goods that that no longer want or need. Since its inception the program has diverted over 10,000 pounds of goods.

The Environmental and Emergency Management Department is committed to minimizing the amount of waste generated by the university. 

To learn more about some of our initiatives in this area check out the following:

  • Zero-Sort Recycling - Learn about our Zero-Sort or single stream recycling program. Over the years, this program has proven to allow us to increase our recycling efforts.
  • Battery and Small Electronics Recycling Drop-Offs- At key points throughout the University there are collection bins hanging where members of the University community can drop-off any batteries or small electronics they may have for recycling free of charge. Find out where all the bins are located on this page. 
  • Composting: Food Service Organics- The University has been working to implement a composting program University-Wide, learn more here.
  • Additional Recycling Programs by Material- In addition to the programs listed above the University works to recycle lots of other materials, a brief summary of some other initiatives are included here.