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About the Workshop

Why Attend?

This unmissable workshop offers a practical framework for understanding and influencing the challenges faced by sustainability advocates today across a spectrum of disciplines. It will enable you to expand your professional network and offer opportunities for intra- and interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborative research endeavors.

You should attend this workshop if you are interested in identifying programmatic sustainability challenges and opportunities, and to and collaboratively develop the tools to build program sustainability.


The workshop will be organized using the principles of "Open Space" technology to facilitate effective and valuable goal orientated discussions. Participants will be working in groups on an issue that they feel strongly about.

Each group will be tasked with producing a strategic action plan on their issue. This could involve creating a pilot program for some sustainable practice, begin the development of a funding proposal, create/enhance a network, etc. or any combination of these. There also will be short sessions on topics of interest, such as “fund raising for research and application”, developing and an action plan, etc.


The creation of at least the beginning of an actionable plan, the development of relationships with others interested in working on the plan, and an active rather than passive support system to continue efforts moving forward.

In addition, as a result of attending this workshop we hope that participants will come away with:

  • A stronger network of peers
  • A better understanding of the importance of developing meaningful connections and collaborations across disciplinary and administrative lines
  • A clearer understanding of the opportunities that exist for university-municipal partnerships
  • New insights into the value of public-private partnerships in driving sustainability efforts
  • Enhanced skills in order to identify opportunities and develop strategies for creating and deepening connections and initiating meaningful change for sustainability
  • A strategy to consider the steps needed to initiate transformative sustainability change
  • Increased knowledge about potential funding for sustainability initiatives
  • Lessons learned from successful sustainable behavior change efforts