Social Media

Social Networking Guidelines for Faculty, Staff & Students

A few things to keep in mind for personal and professional accounts:

  1. Everything is public and the Internet lives forever. Don’t post something you’ll have to explain to a future employer or your parents.
  2. Use common sense. Don’t post illegal activities. If you wouldn't say something directly to your supervisor or the Chancellor, then don’t post it online.
  3. Posts should meet one of the three Fs: fun (make people laugh), factual or fresh (new information).
  4. Keep your personal and professional accounts separate. And double check before you post that you’re using the right account!
  5. People love pictures and videos. Make sure you have permission to use the pictures or videos (not everything is copyright-free just because it’s on the Internet).
  6. Don’t share University news before it has been made public.
  7. In the event of a University emergency, do not post until you've received official word to eliminate any confusion or misinformation.
  8. Posts or comments should not include profanity, be defamatory or libelous. 
  9. Be familiar with the policies of the networks you are using and be aware that the policies and security features frequently change.

Social Media Interaction Policy

Social Media can be a powerful tool – it can also result in legal action if not used properly. Please be especially careful when using social media and use common sense. Defaming or using libelous language can cause problems for the poster personally and for the University.

Keep in mind that the Internet lives forever – don’t put up a post or comment that you don’t want to have to defend later to potential in-laws, parents or employers. The immediacy of the web can be a detriment – just like it is prudent to wait to click “send” on an email, the same is true when responding to a post.

In addition to the usage policies of each social media network, the University has the following guidelines:

  • Personal attacks against other users will not be tolerated 
  • Videos, images, posts or comments should not include swearing or profanity, or be defamatory or libelous 
  • The University reserves the right to remove, at any time, at its sole discretion, any content posted on a blog or social network that it deems in violation of University policy or local, state or federal law. 
  • University resources may not be used for personal business or personal gain.
  • All material posted on the social media networks must be in compliance with copyright law. Network account owners have the responsibility of acquiring all necessary permissions to post copyrighted material (including photographs). 
  • The selling of online advertising space to non-University entities on any web page hosted or sponsored by UMass Lowell is strictly forbidden.