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Anna Yaroslavsky

Anna Yaroslavsky
Anna YaroslavskyAssociate Professor

Research Interests

Development of wide-field high-resolution optical imaging , Light propagation in and interaction with biological tissues, Development of all-optical and multimodal image-guided intervention techniques


  • Ph D: Physics and Mathematics, (1999), Saratov State University - Saratov, Russia
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Spectroscopic Investigations of Biological Tissues and Fluids
  • BS: Physics, (1990), Saratov State University - Saratov, Russia

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Diploma with Honors (1990)

Selected Publications

  • Yaroslavsky, A., Feng, X., Muzikansky, A., Hamblin, M.R. (2019) "Fluorescence polarization of methylene blue as a quantitative marker of breast cancer at the cellular level", Scientific reports 9:1 pp. 940
  • Malik, S., Jermain, P., Feng, X., Yaroslavsky, A. (2019) "Multimodal optical imaging of renal cells", Optical Engineering 58:8 pp. 082415
  • Feng, X., Muzikansky, A., Ross, A.H., Hamblin, M.R., Jermain, P.R., Yaroslavsky, A. (2019) "Multimodal quantitative imaging of brain cancer in cultured cells", Biomedical Optics Express 10:8 pp. 4237--4248
  • Rohani, P., Yaroslavsky, A., Feng, X., Jermain, P., Shaath, T., Neel, V.A. (2018) "Collagen disruption as a marker for basal cell carcinoma in presurgical margin detection", Lasers in surgery and medicine 50:9 pp. 902--907
  • Cecil, J., Rakesh, P., Alona, M., others, . (2017) "Delineating nonmelanoma skin cancer margins using terahertz and optical imaging", Journal of Biomedical Photonics \& Engineering 3:1
  • Yaroslavsky, A., Feng, X., Neel, V.A. (2017) "Optical mapping of nonmelanoma skin Cancers—A pilot clinical study", Lasers in surgery and medicine 49:9 pp. 803--809
  • Fan, B., Neel, V.A., Yaroslavsky, A. (2016) "Multimodal imaging for nonmelanoma skin cancer margin delineation", Lasers in surgery and medicine
  • Yaroslavsky, A., Joseph, C., Patel, R., Fan, B., Musikansky, A., Neel, V.A., Giles, R.H. (2016) Combined optical and terahertz imaging for intraoperative delineation of nonmelanoma skin cancers pp. S2-10-S2-10
  • Feng, X., Doherty, S., Yaroslavsky, I., Altshuler, G., Yaroslavsky, A. (2015) "Polarization enhanced wide-field imaging for evaluating dermal changes caused by non-ablative fractional laser treatment", Lasers in surgery and medicine
  • Feng, X., Patel, R., Yaroslavsky, A. (2015) "Wavelength optimized cross-polarized wide-field imaging for noninvasive and rapid evaluation of dermal structures", Journal of biophotonics 8:4 pp. 324–331
  • Wirth, D., Snuderl, M., Curry, W., Yaroslavsky, A. (2014) "Comparative evaluation of methylene blue and demeclocycline for enhancing optical contrast of gliomas in optical images", Journal of biomedical optics 19:9 pp. 090504–090504
  • Joseph, C.S., Patel, R., Neel, V.A., Giles, R.H., Yaroslavsky, A. (2014) "Imaging of ex vivo nonmelanoma skin cancers in the optical and terahertz spectral regions Optical and Terahertz skin cancers imaging", Journal of biophotonics 7:5 pp. 295–303
  • Patel, R., Khan, A., Quinlan, R., Yaroslavsky, A. (2014) "Polarization-Sensitive Multimodal Imaging for Detecting Breast Cancer", Cancer research 74:17 pp. 4685–4693
  • Joseph, C.S., Yaroslavsky, A., Neel, V.A., Goyette, T.M., Giles, R.H. (2012) Continuous-wave terahertz reflection imaging of ex vivo nonmelanoma skin cancers pp. 82610X–82610X
  • Michal Kamionek, M., Yaroslavsky, A., Dennis Wirth, B., Quinlan, R.M. (2012) "Feasibility of Dye-Enhanced Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy in Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Breast Tissue", Am J Clin Pathol 138: pp. A367
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  • Patel, R., Khan, A., Wirth, D., Kamionek, M., Kandil, D., Quinlan, R., Yaroslavsky, A. (2012) "Multimodal optical imaging for detecting breast cancer", Journal of Biomedical Optics 17:6 pp. 66008-1
  • Joseph, C.S., Yaroslavsky, A., Neel, V.A., Goyette, T.M., Giles, R.H. (2011) "Continuous wave terahertz transmission imaging of nonmelanoma skin cancers", Lasers in surgery and medicine 43:6 pp. 457-462
  • Tuchin, V.V., Yaroslavsky, A., Jacques, S.L., Anderson, R. (2010) "Biophotonics for dermatology: science & applications", Journal of biophotonics 3:1-2 pp. 9-10
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  • Park, J., Mroz, P., Hamblin, M.R., Yaroslavsky, A. (2010) "Dye-enhanced multimodal confocal microscopy for noninvasive detection of skin cancers in mouse models", Journal of Biomedical Optics 15:2 pp. 26023-26023
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Selected Presentations

  • Multiscale and Multimodal Optical Imaging for Delineating Breast Cancers - Breast Cancer Conference, 2012
  • Matching wavelength to applications in polarization sensitive imaging - Photomedicine Lecture, 2012 - Boston, MA
  • Intraoperative functional mapping of eloquent brain cortex for minimizing post-operative neurological deficit - SPIE meeting, 2012 - San Jose, CA
  • Optical color-coding for automated detection of skin cancers - SPIE meeting, 2012 - San Jose, CA
  • Terahertz imaging of nonmelanoma skin cancers - SPIE meeting, 2012 - San Jose, CA
  • Towards In Situ Optical Pathology - Biomedical Optics Workshop, 2010 - Boston, MA
  • Optical Diagnostics: Uncovering Hidden Features of Live Tissue, 2010 - Trondheim, Norway
  • Temperature Induced Changes in the Optical Properties of Skin In Vivo - SPIE meeting, 2010 - San Jose, CA
  • Advanced optical techniques for enhancing specificity of skin cancers detection - International Workshop on Optical technologies in Biophysics and Medicine, 2008 - Saratov, Russia
  • Intraoperative Optical Guidance in Dermatology, 2008
  • Mapping Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers Using Multimodal Macro-Imaging - ISDIS/AAD, 2007 - Washington, DC
  • Optical imaging for Dermatology, 2006 - Skillman, NJ, USA
  • Optical Techniques for Skin Cancer Delineation, 2006 - Barcelona, Spain
  • Towards in situ optical pathology, 2006 - New York City, NY
  • New developments in the optical mapping of nonmelanoma skin cancers - Gordon Research Conference on Lasers in Medicine and Biology, 2004 - Meriden, NH
  • Demarcation of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers Using Fluorescence and Reflectance Polarization Imaging, 2003 - Saratov, Russia
  • The optical properties of blood in the near infrared spectral range - SPIE meeting, 1996 - San Jose, CA

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."Fluorescence polarization imaging device and methods.," Pending
  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."Fluorescence polarization imaging device and methods.," 7,289,205 United States
  • Patent - A, Y."Multimodal Imaging for Cancer Detection," United States
  • Patent - A, Y."Devices and Methods for Optical Pathology.," Pending United States
  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."Method and apparatus for spectrally resolved imaging of biological tissue.," Pending United States
  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."High-contrast high-resolution imaging of skin cancer.," Pending United States
  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."Device and method for wide-field and high-resolution imaging.," Pending
  • Patent - Yaroslavsky, ."Polarized light imaging devices and methods.," Pending

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Terahertz and Polarization Optical Imaging (2013), -
    Yaroslavsky, A. (Principal)
  • Towards in Situ Optical Pathology of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers (2010), Grant -
    Yaroslavsky, A. (Principal)
  • Rental of PERFIS Machine (2011), -
    Yaroslavsky, A. (Principal)
  • Validation of Multimodal Optical Imaging for Detecting Breast Cancer: A Pilot Stu (2010), -
    Yaroslavsky, A. (Principal)