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Richard Stimets

Richard Stimets
Richard W StimetsProfessor

Research Interests

Solid state physics, astronomy, image processing


  • BS: Physics, (1969), MIT - Boston

Selected Publications

  • Chen, H., Stimets, R.W. (2014) "Fluorescence of trivalent neodymium in various materials excited by a 785 nm laser," American Mineralogist 99:2-3 pp. 332–342
  • Tang, H., Chen, M., Stimets, R.W. (2007) "Fast recognition of simple 3-D objects within a hierarchy of hexagonal grids," Jisuanji Fuzhu Sheji Yu Tuxingxue Xuebao/Journal of Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics 19:5 pp. 575-582
  • Stimets, R.W., Lane, S., Alimeti, A. (2005) "Convective Rainfall in the North Central and Northeastern United States during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons," Bulletin of the American Physical Society
  • Lane, S.A., Stimets, R.W. (2004) "Orographic modulation of precipitation and rainfall rate in the mountains of western Maine,"
  • Stimets, R.W., Ying, W.L., Rajasekharan, K. (1986) "Rapid recognition of object outlines in reduced resolution images," Pattern Recognition 19:1 pp. 21-33
  • Dav?, H., Stimets, R.W., Waldman, J. (1982) "An investigation of CaF2:Dy2+ system to determine its potential as continuously tunable far-infrared laser*," Infrared Physics 22:1 pp. 51-56
  • Stimets, R.W., Londono, C. (1982) "Rotational modulation of Ca K flux ratio and sunspot number," Solar Physics 76:1 pp. 167-180
  • Waldman, J., Stimets, R.W., Madan, S.Z., Chang, T.S. (1978) "Magnetospectroscopy of CaF2:Dy2+ in the submillimeter*," Infrared Physics 18:2 pp. 141-146
  • Stimets, R.W., Waldman, J., Lin, J., Chang, T.S., Temkin, R.J., Connell, G.A. (1975) "PHONON SPECTRA OF AMORPHOUS GaAs AND Ge.," pp. 1239-1244
  • Stimets, R.W., Waldman, J., Lin, J., Chang, T.S., Temkin, R.J., Connell, G.A. (1973) "Far infrared absorption of amorphous GaAs and Ge," Solid State Communications 13:9 pp. 1485-1489
  • Stimets, R.W., Lax, B. (1970) "Reflection studies of coupled magnetoplasma-phonon modes," Physical Review B 1:12 pp. 4720-4735
  • Stimets, R.W., Lax, B. (1968) "Kramers-Kronig analysis of magnetoplasma-phonon interaction in InAs," Physics Letters A 28:5 pp. 321-322