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C.J. (Kim) Lister

Christopher Lister, Ph.D. Professor

Research Interest

All sub-atomic physics. Radiation detectors.

Educational Background

BSc in Physics, First Class, University of Liverpool, UK 1973

Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, University of Liverpool, UK 1977


I have always been interested in nuclei very far from stability and the potential for "exotic" nuclear states near the driplines. As an experimenter, my main research contribution has been in developing techniques that can isolate interesting nuclei, even when they are produced at the level of 1/1000000 during a reaction. During my research career, experimental sensitivity has improved enormously, from studying nuclei produced at the 10's of milli-barn level to studies at 10's of nano-barn. 

My main expertise is in gamma ray spectroscopy, though I am experienced in electron, neutron and charged particle detection. I am interested in new detector technologies and am currently working on position sensitive germanium counters. I have always been interested in teaching about physics, and nuclear physics particularly. I have taught at all levels from kindergarden to graduate schools. I have supervised six Ph.D students, at Manchester (R. Moscrop, A.A. Chishti), and at Yale (P. Ennis, D.J. Blumenthal, N. Kaloskamis, C.K. Chan).