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Ofer Cohen

Ofer Cohen headshot
Dr. Ofer CohenAssistant Professor


  • Ph D: Space and Planetary Physics, (2008), University of Michigan, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, & Space Sciences - Ann Arbor, MI
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: The Solar Corona through Numerical Eyes
  • MS, (2002), Tel-Aviv University, Department of Geophysics & Planetary Sciences - Tel- Aviv, Israel
  • BS, (2000), Tel-Aviv University, Department of Geophysics & Planetary Sciences - Tel- Aviv, Israel

Awards and Honors

  • NASA Postdoc Fellowship (NPP) (2016) - NASA
  • NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (2010) - Harvard-Smithsonian CfA


  • Cohen, O. (2017) "A Comparison Between Physics-based and Polytropic MHD Models for Stellar Coronae and Stellar Winds of Solar Analogs," arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.01146
  • Cohen, O., Yadav, R., Garraffo, C., Saar, S.H., Wolk, S.J., Kashyap, V.L., Drake, J.J., Pillitteri, I. (2017) "Giant Coronal Loops Dominate the Quiescent X-Ray Emission in Rapidly Rotating M Stars," The Astrophysical Journal 834:1 pp. 14
  • Garraffo, C., Drake, J.J., Cohen, O. (2016) "The missing magnetic morphology term in stellar rotation evolution," Astronomy & Astrophysics 595: pp. A110
  • Garraffo, C., Drake, J.J., Cohen, O. (2016) "The Space Weather of Proxima Centauri b," The Astrophysical Journal Letters 833:1 pp. L4
  • Garraffo, C., Drake, J., Cohen, O.!!!, . (2016) "The Missing Magnetic Morphology Term in Stellar Rotation Evolution," ArXiv e-prints
  • Ginsburg, I., Wang, X., Loeb, A., Cohen, O. (2016) "Detecting stars at the galactic centre via synchrotron emission," Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 455: pp. L21-L25
  • Cohen, O. (2015) "Quantifying the Difference Between the Flux-Tube Expansion Factor at the Source Surface and at the Alfvén Surface Using a Global MHD Model for the Solar Wind," Solar Physics 290: pp. 2245-2263
  • Garraffo, C., Drake, J., Cohen, O.!!!, . (2015) "Magnetic Complexity as an Explanation for Bimodal Rotation Populations among Young Stars," The Astrophysical Journal, Letters 807: pp. L6
  • Cohen, O., Ma, Y., Drake, J., Glocer, A., Garraffo, C., Bell, J., Gombosi, T.I.!!!, . (2015) "The Interaction of Venus-like, M-dwarf Planets with the Stellar Wind of Their Host Star," The Astrophysical Journal 806: pp. 41
  • Garraffo, C., Drake, J., Cohen, O.!!!, . (2015) "Magnetic Modulation of Stellar Angular Momentum Loss," 18: pp. 177-182
  • Le Chat, G., Kasper, J., Cohen, O., Spangler, S.R. !!!, . (2014) "Diagnostics of the Solar Corona from Comparison between Faraday Rotation Measurements and Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations," The Astrophysical Journal 789: pp. 163
  • Cohen, O., Drake, J., Glocer, A., Garraffo, C., Poppenhaeger, K., Bell, J., Ridley, A., Gombosi, T.I.!!!, . (2014) "Magnetospheric Structure and Atmospheric Joule Heating of Habitable Planets Orbiting M-dwarf Stars," The Astrophysical Journal 790: pp. 57


  • - NASA’s Heliophysics summer school, July 2014 - Boulder CO
  • - Physics colloquium, April 2014
  • - Space Science colloquium, October 2013 - Durham, NH
  • - ESS Colloquium, April 2013
  • - Physics Colloquium, February 2013
  • - Heliophysics division seminar, November 2012
  • - LPL colloquium, October 2012
  • - Astrophysics Seminar, May 2010 - Rehovot, Israel
  • - Dep. Of Geophysics seminar, May 2010 - Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • - Physics Colloquium and Space Physics seminar, January 2010
  • - Solar Stellar & Planetary Astrophysics Division weekly seminar, October 2009 - Cambridge, MA
  • - Theoretical Astrophysics Division luncheon, October 2009 - Cambridge, MA
  • - High Energy Division weekly seminar, October 2008
  • - Astrophysics seminar, June 2008 - Beer-Sheva, Israel

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Geophysically Relevant Prediction of Solar Cycle 25 (2016), Grant -
    Cohen, O.
  • The Heliosphere in Time: Scaling Heliospheric Parameters with Stellar Evolution of Solar Analogs and Studying Heliospheric Consequences of Young Active Suns (2016), Grant - NASA LWS
    Cohen, O. (Principal)
  • The Living, Breathing Planet (2015), Grant - NASA NEXSS
    Cohen, O.
  • Can Exoplanets Around Red Dwarfs Maintain Habitable Atmospheres? (2014), Grant - SI Competitive Grants Program for Science
    Cohen, O. (Co-Principal), Drake, J. (Principal)
  • Lessons from Mars: Are Habitable Atmospheres on Planets around M Dwarfs Viable? (2014), Grant - The Smithsonian Consortia
    Cohen, O. (Co-Principal), Drake, J.
  • 3D MHD Modeling of Stellar Coronae (2012), Grant - Chandra theory program cycle 13
    Cohen, O. (Principal)
  • The Faint Young sun Paradox (2012), Grant - The Smithsonian Consortia
    Cohen, O. (Co-Principal), Latham, D. (Principal)
  • Life and the Cosmos: Building the Consortium (2011), Grant - The Smithsonian Consortia
    Cohen, O. (Co-Principal), Drake, J. (Principal)
  • The Role of Coronal Mass Ejections in Reversal the Open Magnetic Flux of the Sun (2008), Grant - National Science Foundation
    Cohen, O. (Principal)