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Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts graduated from University of Lowell B.S., Physics in 1989 and got a M. Ed., Curriculum & Instruction in 1990.

His current Position is a Physics Teacher at Haverhill High School in Haverhill, Mass.

After graduating from UMass Lowell, I immediately started a job in the optics industry producing mirrors used in the manufacturing of semi-­‐conductors. In that position, I learned quite a bit about physical instrumentation such as interferometers. However, this was just a temporary position until I could get a teaching position.

Outside of the fantastic schedule, there are many aspects of teaching that I enjoy more than being in industry.

Teaching physics has taught me physics. One challenge that has huge rewards was developing my own lab experiments for students. Not only must you have the educational and scientific outcomes in mind, you are forced to work within certain constraints such as time, equipment and educational level of the students.

Being a teacher also allows you to stay connected to many other areas of physics. Through field trips or professional development, there are opportunities to visit observatories, conduct research over the summer or visit cutting-­edge facilities.

In my view, the strongest part of the UMass Lowell curriculum was the experimental aspects. I learned appropriate lab techniques and was exposed to the best instrumentation including a particle accelerator.

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