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Advisory Board

The Radiological Sciences Program Advisory Board consists of distinguished members of the radiation protection community who provide recommendations on a regular basis to the Program faculty on matters concerning curriculum development, accreditation, student recruitment and retention, scholarships, and other critical areas.

Current members of the Radiological Sciences Program Advisory Board include: 

  • William Lorenzen
    Radiation Safety Officer and Research Laboratory Support Manager, Children's Hospital Boston
  • Edward Maher
    Health Physics Society President and Senior Health Physicist, Dade Moeller and Associates, Inc.
  • William Rhodes III
    Manager, International Security Systems Group, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Michael Ryan
    Health Physics Editor-in-Chief and Principle Officer of Michael T. Ryan and Associates, LLC.
  • James Sherrard
    Chair of Nuclear Programs, Three Rivers Community College
  • James Tarzia
    Chief Executive Officer, Radiation Safety and Control Services, Inc.
  • Ron Thurlow
    Maintenance Director, Seabrook Station
  • David Watters
    Senior Health Physicist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers