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Kevin Giovanetti

Kevin Giovanetti

Kevin Giovanetti graduated from University Massachusetts Lowell in 1974. He then attended graduate school at William and Mary to obtain his Ph.D. in 1982.

He is now a Professor of Physics at James Madison University.

"Our program integrates research and teaching as a central part of our education philosophy. I have been involved in experimental particle and nuclear physics throughout my career.  I have a decent publication list a good funding track record and have enjoyed the mix of undergraduate teaching and research in particle physics .  It has turned out to be a extremely satisfying and rewarding career.

LTI is where I got my start.  When I entered I had limited goals and was unclear where life would lead me.  As I graduated I had an excellent physics background which enabled me to succeed in graduate school and launched a very rewarding career.  I have been passionately involved in science and technology ever since.  We live in an exciting time in terms of the challenges and the great leaps that are being made in all areas of science.  How could anyone not be a part of this?  Physics is an entry way.  Its hard but it gives you excellent perspective and the tools to contribute in any area of science."-Giovanetti