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Marvin Stick

Marvin Stick
Marvin StickProfessor
  • College
    College of Sciences
  • Department
    Mathematical Science
  • Phone
    (978) 934-2441
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Research Interests

Mathematics education, integration of technology for teachers and students


  • Ph D: Educational Research, Tests and Measurements, (1982), Boston College - Boston, MA
  • MA: Mathematics, (1966), Boston University - Boston, MA
  • BS: Mathematics, (1964), Boston College - Boston, MA

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Athletic Department teaching excellence award (2001), Teaching - UMass Lowell
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2001), Teaching - UMass Lowell, Athletic Department
  • Student Government Association teaching excellence award for the College of Arts and Sciences, Science Division (2000), Teaching - UMass Lowell
  • teaching excellence award for the College of Arts and Sciences, Science Division (2000), Teaching - UMass Lowell, Student Government Association
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences teaching excellence award (1998), Teaching - UMass Lowell
  • Teaching Excellence Award (1998), Teaching - UMass Lowell, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Selected Publications

  • Stick, M. (1999). Maclaurin and Taylor Series for Transcendental Functions: A Graphing-Calculator View of Convergence. The Mathematics Teacher, 833–837.
  • Stick, M. (1997). Calculus reform and graphing calculators: A university view. The Mathematics Teacher, 90(5) 356.
  • Sullivan, B.F., Grossbard, N., Stick, M. (1984). Data Analysis Techniques for Vehicle Attitudinal, Positional and Experimental Measurements. DTIC Document
  • GROSSBARD, N., Stick, M., SULLIVAN, B. (1981). Numerical and data analysis techniques applied to scientific research, 4[Final Report, 1 Jan. 1979- 31 Mar. 1981].
  • Sullivan, B.F., Stick, M., Mclnerney, R.E. (1977). Special Utilization of Triaxial Magnetometer Measurements as Prime Attitude Determination Sensors. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, 14(4) 231–235.
  • Sullivan, B.F., Stick, M. (1976). Attitude Determination System for Rockets Using Gyroscopic Platforms. DTIC Document
  • Stick, M. (1976). Tricks with Number Theory. MATYC Journal.
  • SULLIVAN, B., Stick, M., MARCOU, R. (1974). Attitude determination techniques for rockets with inertial measuring systems(computation)[Final Report, 18 Oct. 1972- 17 Oct. 1974].
  • Marcou, R.J., Fioretti, R.W., Stick, M., Pruneau, P.N., Richards, E.N. (1973). Satellite Data Processing Systems. DTIC Document
  • Stick, M. (1972). ON WHAT DAY WERE YOU BORN? The Mathematics Teacher, 73–75.
  • Roxborough, J.A., Sullivan, B.F., Marcou, R.J., Stick, M., Geezil, K.M. (1972). Procedures for the Determination of the Attitude of a Rocket from Gyroscopic Data. DTIC Document
  • SULLIVAN, B., Stick, M., MARCOU, R. (1972). Techniques for determining the vehicle attitude of rocket AH 7. 886(Techniques for determining attitude of rocket axis for vehicle AH 7. 886).
  • Marcou, R.J., Stick, M. (1967). Aspect of the Axis and of a Vector Perpendicular to the Axis of the Satellite OV1-5. DTIC Document
  • Stick, M. (1966). Synthesis of a Time Dependent Communication Network.

Selected Presentations

  • Making Discoveries with Geometry Software - NCTM Eastern Regional Conference, November 2002 - Boston, MA
  • Geometry and Discovery Learning, April 2002 - North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA
  • Geometry Explorations - Annual Conference on Teaching for Transformation, January 2002 - University of Massachusetts Boston
  • A Comparison of TI-83 and TI-89 Technology to Enhance Learning in a Multivariate Calculus Course - Conference on Mathematics and Quantitative Thinking in Massachusetts Public Institutions of Higher and Secondary Education, June 2000 - University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Graphing Calculators Across the Calculus Curriculum - Special Session on Teaching Mathematics in the New Millennium, American Mathematical Society Regional Conference, April 2000 - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • A Graphing-Calculator View of Convergence - University of Massachusetts Instructional Technology Conference 2000 (ITC 2000), March 2000 - Sturbridge, MA
  • Calculus Reform and Graphing Calculators Across Colleges of a University - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) annual meeting, April 1998 - Washington D.C.

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Focus on Mathematics (2011), Grant - UMass Lowell mathematician, study groups for Lawrence
  • Teaching and Learning grant award to explore a two-tiered management calculus course sequence (2010), Grant - UMass, Lowell
  • Massachusetts Title IIB Mathematical Experiences grant (2008), Grant - Massachusetts Science and Math partnership program
  • Focus on Mathematics (2003), Sponsored Research - NSF and UMass, Lowell
  • Mass MAJIC, high school Mathematics improvement (1998), Grant - UMass, Lowell
  • PI: Task Force on Teaching and Learning Excellence (1994), Grant - UMass, Lowell
  • Campus Performance Improvement Grant, "Mass MAJIC" (1996), Grant - Mass. Board of Higher Education
  • Eisenhower Science and Mathematics Program Grant (1995), Grant - U.S. Department of Education