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Rida Mirie

Rida M MirieAssociate Professor
  • CollegeCollege of Sciences
  • DepartmentMathematical Science
  • Phone(978) 934-2433

Research Interests

Applied mathematics, fluids


  • Pennell, S., Mirie, R.M. (1995) "Weak oblique collisions of interfacial solitary waves," Wave Motion 21:4 pp. 385-404
  • Jishi, R.A., Mirie, R.M., Dresselhaus, M.S., Dresselhaus, G., Eklund, P.C. (1993) "Force-constant model for the vibrational modes in C70," Physical Review B 48:8 pp. 5634-5642
  • Jishi, R.A., Mirie, R.M., Dresselhaus, M.S. (1992) "Force-constant model for the vibrational modes in C60," Physical Review B 45:23 pp. 13685-13689
  • Mirie, R.M., Pennell, S.A. (1989) "Internal solitary waves in a two-fluid system," Physics of Fluids A 1:6 pp. 986-991
  • Mirie, R.M. (1985) "An internal solitary wave with bounded amplitude," Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 54:9 pp. 3332-3336
  • Mirie, R.M., Su, C.H. (1984) "INTERNAL SOLITARY WAVES AND THEIR HEAD-ON COLLISION. PART I.," Journal of Fluid Mechanics 147: pp. 213-231
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