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Min Hyung Cho

Min Hyung Cho headshot
Professor Min Hyung ChoAssistant Professor
  • College
    College of Sciences
  • Department
    Mathematical Science
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    Olney Hall - 428P
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Research Interests

Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Electromagnetics, Numerical Solution of PDEs, Scientific Computing


  • Ph D: Applied Mathematics, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Teaching Excellence Award (2017), Teaching - UMass Lowell

Selected Publications

  • Cho, M. (2019) "Spectrally-accurate numerical method for acoustic scattering from doubly-periodic 3D multilayered media", Journal of Computational Physics 393:15 pp. 46-58
  • Tsantili, I., Cho, M., Cai, W., Karniadakis, G. (2018) "A computational stochastic methodology for the design of random meta-materials under geometric constraints.", SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40:2 pp. B353-B378
  • Cho, M., Huang, J., Chen, D., Cai, W. (2018) "A Heterogeneous FMM for Layered Media Helmholtz Equation I: Two Layers in R^2", Journal of Computational Physics 369: pp. 237-251
  • Chen, D., Cho, M., Cai, W. (2018) "Accurate and efficient nystrom volume integral equation method for electromagnetic scattering of 3-D meta-materials in layered media. ", SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40:1 pp. B259-B282
  • Cho, M., Cai, W. (2017) "Efficient and accurate computation of electric field dyadic Green’s function in layered media", Journal of Scientific Computing 71:3 pp. 1319-1350
  • Chen, D., Cai, W., Zinser, B., Cho, M. (2016) "Accurate and Efficient Nystrom Volume Integral Equation Method for the Maxwell equations for Multiple 3-D Scatterers", Journal of Computational Physics 321: pp. 303-320
  • Cho, M., Barnett, A.H. (2015) "Robust fast direct integral equation solver for quasi-periodic scattering problems with a large number of layers", Optics express 23:2 pp. 1775–1799
  • Cho, M., Cai, W. (2013) "Fast integral equation solver for Maxwell’s equations in layered media with FMM for Bessel functions", Science China Mathematics 56:12 pp. 2561–2570
  • Davis, C., Kim, J.G., Oh, H., Cho, M. (2013) "Meshfree Particle Methods in the Framework of Boundary Element Methods for the Helmholtz Equation", Journal of Scientific Computing 55:1 pp. 200–230
  • Cho, M., Cai, W. (2012) "A parallel fast algorithm for computing the Helmholtz integral operator in 3-D layered media", Journal of Computational Physics 231:17 pp. 5910–5925
  • Cho, M., Cai, W. (2012) "Revision of wFMM–A Wideband Fast Multipole Method for the two-dimensional complex Helmholtz equation", Computer Physics Communications 183:2 pp. 446–447
  • Cho, M., Zheng, H., Lu, Y., Lee, Y., Cai, W. (2011) "Improved rigorous coupled-wave analysis for polar magnetic gratings", Computer Physics Communications 182:2 pp. 360–365
  • Cho, M., Cai, W. (2010) "A wideband fast multipole method for the two-dimensional complex Helmholtz equation", Computer Physics Communications 181:12 pp. 2086–2090
  • Kim, J., Lu, Y., Cho, M., Lee, G., Lee, Y., Rhee, J., Yoon, C. (2009) "Diffracted magneto-optical Kerr effect in one-dimensional magnetic gratings", Applied Physics Letters 94:15 pp. 151110–151110
  • Kim, J., Lu, Y., Cho, M., Lee, Y., Rhee, J., Lee, J., Ho, K. (2009) "Diffracted magneto-optical Kerr effect of a Ni magnetic grating", Journal of Applied Physics 106:9 pp. 093103–093103
  • Lam, V., Tung, N., Cho, M., Park, J., Jang, W., Lee, Y. (2009) "Effect of the dielectric layer thickness on the electromagnetic response of cut-wire-pair and combined structures", Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42:11 pp. 115404
  • Tung, N., Lam, V., Cho, M., Park, J., Lee, S., Jang, W., Lee, Y. (2009) "Effects of the electric component on combined metamaterial structure", Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 45:10 pp. 4310–4313
  • Lam, V., Tung, N., Cho, M., Park, J., Rhee, J., Lee, Y. (2009) "Influence of lattice parameters on the resonance frequencies of a cut-wire-pair medium", Journal of Applied Physics 105:11 pp. 113102–113102
  • Tung, N., Lam, V., Cho, M., Park, J., Jang, W., Lee, Y. (2009) "Influence of the dielectric-spacer thickness on the left-handed behavior of fishnet metamaterial structure", Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications 7:4 pp. 206–211
  • Tung, N., Lam, V., Park, J., Cho, M., Rhee, J., Jang, W., Lee, Y. (2009) "Single-and double-negative refractive indices of combined metamaterial structure", Journal of Applied Physics 106:5 pp. 053109–053109
  • Lu, Y., Cho, M., Kim, J., Lee, Y., Rhee, J., Lee, J. (2008) "Control of Diffracted Magneto-Optical Enhancement in Ni Gratings", Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 44:11 pp. 3300–3302
  • Lu, Y., Cho, M., Kim, J., Lee, G., Lee, Y., Rhee, J. (2008) "Magneto-optical enhancement through gyrotropic gratings", Optics express 16:8 pp. 5378–5384
  • Lu, Y., Cho, M., Lee, Y., Rhee, J.Y. (2008) "Polarization-independent extraordinary optical transmission in one-dimensional metallic gratings with broad slits", Applied Physics Letters 93:6 pp. 061102
  • Cho, M., Lu, Y., Rhee, J.Y., Lee, Y.P. (2008) "Rigorous approach on diffracted magneto-optical effects from polar and longitudinal gyrotropic gratings", Optics express 16:21 pp. 16825–16839
  • Cho, M., Lee, Y., Cai, W. (2007) "Modeling of 2D photonic crystals with a boundary integral equation", Journal of Korean Physical Society 51: pp. 1507
  • Cho, M., Cai, W., Her, T. (2006) "A boundary integral equation method for photonic crystal fibers", Journal of scientific computing 28:2-3 pp. 263–278

Selected Presentations

  • - SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2018 - Portland, OR
  • - SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, December 2017 - Baltimore, MD
  • - Massachusetts HPC day, May 2017 - UMass Dartmouth
  • - Scientific Computing Seminar, April 2017 - Brown University
  • - SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE 17), March 2017 - Atlanta, GA
  • - Space Physics Seminar, September 2016 - UMass Lowell
  • - SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2016 - Boston, MA
  • - Computational Science Seminar, April 2016 - UMass Dartmouth
  • - Numerical Analysis and PDE Seminar, March 2016 - University of Delaware
  • - Numerical Simulation and Theoretical Analysis in Computational Physics, December 2015 - Peking University
  • - Applied Mathematics Seminar, November 2015 - UMass Lowell
  • - The 7th International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2015), August 2015 - Beijing, China
  • - Colloquium, November 2014 - Dartmouth College
  • - SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2014 - Chicago, IL
  • - Applied Mathematics Seminar, September 2013 - Ehwa Womans University
  • - SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2013 - San Diego, CA
  • - SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE13), February 2013 - Boston, MA

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians (2016), Grant - Simons Foundation
    Cho, M. (Principal)
  • KCS Seed Grant (2019), Grant - Kennedy College of Sciences, UMass Lowell
    Cho, M. (Principal), Pourkamali Anaraki, F.,