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  • Haim Levkowitz, Ph.D.

    Chair, Associate Professor

    Visualization, Graphics, Vision, Imaging, User Interfaces, Sound

  • Byung Guk Kim, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Associate Chair

    Network Performance, High-speed Networks, Multimedia Communications

  • David Adams, Ph.D.

    Lecturer & Undergraduate Coordinator

    Scientific Computing and Computer Science Education

  • Yu Cao, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor; Executive Director, Co-director; Director

    Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Multimedia Computing, and Biomedical Informatics

  • Cindy Chen, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator

    Database Systems and XML

  • Guanling Chen, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor  

    Mobile computing, cloud computing, wireless networks, experimental systems research

  • Xinwen Fu, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Network Security and Privacy

  • Tingjian Ge, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Data Management Systems 

  • Sirong Lin, Ph.D.


    Human Computer Interaction, User Interaction Design, Computer Science Education

  • Benyuan Liu, Ph.D.

    Professor, Director

    Data and Computer Communication Networks, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Internet Technologies & Applications

  • Fred Martin, Ph.D.

    Professor, Director of Student Success - Kennedy College of Sciences

    Mobile Robotics, K-12 Science and Mathematics Learning, Embedded Sensing and Control, Engineering Design

  • John McCarthy, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Programming Languages, Formal Verification and CS Education

  • William Moloney, M.S.

    Associate Professor & MSIT Coordinator

    Operating Systems

  • Anna Rumshisky, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

  • Yelena Rykalova, Ph.D.

    Visiting Lecturer

    Computer networks, Computer Science Education

  • Jie Wang, Ph.D.


    Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Complex Networks, Wireless & Sensor Networks, Network Security, Mathematical Modeling

  • Holly Yanco, Ph.D.

    Professor, Distinguished University Professor

    Robotics, Assistive Technology, Artificial Intelligence

  • Wenjin Zhou, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor