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Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which credits will count as transfer credits?

If you decide to apply to UMass Lowell, contact the transfer admissions officer at UMass Lowell’s Admissions Office. After you apply, Admissions will send you a Preliminary Transfer Evaluation, which should list some of the courses for which you will receive transfer credit.

The Computer Science Department will evaluate the Preliminary Transfer Evaluation for additional computer science courses. Non-CS courses, such as calculus, physics, English, etc. must be evaluated by their corresponding departments.

Not all courses at your current school may be transferable to UMass Lowell’s Computer Science Department. Consult UMass Lowell’s Transfer Dictionary to see if particular courses can be transferred. Refer to the course grid (subject to change for future students) for courses you’ll eventually need to take at UMass Lowell. In general, students often have better luck transferring courses that we require in other fields, for example, calculus (for scientists, engineers, or math majors), college writing, calculus-based physics, and general education.

Can I specially request transfer credit for a certain class?

You ask to get transfer credit via an Academic Petition, available on the Registrar’s website. Call the appropriate department to find out who evaluates transfer courses and when he or she is available. Be sure to bring a course description and whatever other documentation the department asks for. If you have been accepted as a computer science major, you should seek the advice of the Computer Science Dept.’s coordinators, either David Adams or Sirong Lin, before petitioning other departments.

What if I am transferring courses from a school from a foreign country?

If you want to transfer courses from a foreign school, your transcript must be analyzed by the World Education Services (WES) before courses can be evaluated by UMass Lowell.

Who do I contact with any questions I have about transfer credits?

For transfer issues and questions specific to the Computer Science Department, seek the advice of the Computer Science Department’s undergraduate coordinators, David Adams and Sirong Lin, or graduate coordinator, Cindy Chen.