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Transferring from Middlesex Community College

Middlesex has designed an Associate Degree program especially for students who want to transfer to computer science programs at four-year schools, including UMass Lowell, called the Computer Science Transfer Degree. Many courses in this program can be transferred directly to the Computer Science major at UMass Lowell.

The following Middlesex courses transfer directly into the UMass Lowell Computer Science Department:

  • CS 1105 (1 credit) transfers to 91.199 Computer Science Elective (not a real course, 1 credit)
  • CS 1111 transfers to 91.199 Computer Science Elective (not a real course)
  • CS 1112 or MA 2302 (or CS 1115 or MA 2106, both of which are no longer offered at Middlesex) transfers to 91.101 Computing I*
  • CS 1201 or MA 2201 transfers to 91.203 Assembly Language
  • CS 1207 or MA 2207 transfers to 91.102 Computing II
  • CS 1213 transfers to 91.299 Computer Science Elective (not a real course, but students who can demonstrate knowledge of Linux/Unix can use CS 1213 in place of 91.201 Computing III)

*MA 2106 also transfers in as 91.101.  However, you should know how to program in C before you enroll in UMass Lowell’s 91.102 Computing II course.

You might also consider:

  • MA 1118 transfers to 92.299 Discrete Math; MA 1118 can be used in place of UMass Lowell’s 92.321
  • MA 1125 transfers to 92.131 Calculus I
  • MA 1126 transfers to 92.132 Calculus II
  • SC 3201 transfers to 95.141 Physics I and 96.141 Physics I Lab
  • SC 3202 transfers to 95.144 Physics II and 96.144 Physics II Lab

91.101, 91.102, 91.203, 92.131, 92.132, 92.321, 95.141, and 95.144 are currently all required of UMass Lowell computer science majors.

Apart from these courses, you might consider courses that transfer in as General Education courses, such as:

  • EN 1103 transfers to 42.101 College Writing I
  • EN 1105 transfers to 42.102 College Writing II
For the latest course information please consult the UMass Lowell Online Catalog.

If you satisfy the conditions of the Commonwealth Transfer Compact while completing your associate degree at Middlesex, you will maximize the transfer credit you receive when you transfer to the University. You should consult with the your academic advisor or a transfer advisor for more information.

Middlesex Community College’s Academic Advising Center can set up an appointment with a transfer advisor.  If you have questions about transferring CS courses to UMass Lowell, you should contact the UMass Lowell CS undergraduate coordinator at  If you have questions about transferring non-CS courses to UMass Lowell, you should contact Transfer Admissions at