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Transferring from Another Department

You must apply to transfer

  • There is no automatic transfer to the CS Department's graduate program from another department within the University.
  • You must apply to transfer.
  • Only applicants who meet the CS admissions requirements will be admitted.
  • Your application to transfer to CS will be considered along with all other applications for admission for a particular semester.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please see the International Students Office. Because of the long lead times for international correspondence for issuing I-20s, and for obtaining visas, the International Students Office has a separate deadline relating to international students from outside the United States. Please plan accordingly.

How to apply

To apply to transfer to CS from another department within UMass Lowell, follow this procedure:

  • Submit a new application (with fee) to the Graduate School.
  • Ask the Graduate School to use the transcripts and recommendations from your original application, or submit new ones.
  • Submit a new personal statement.

Note: In the past, you could apply to transfer between departments within the same college by using an academic petition. That is no longer the case.

Important notes

  • Please note that the Graduate School requires a student to remain in the the department to which she/he was admitted for at least one semester before transferring to another department.
  • Please note that the INS has requirements for how many credits an international student must take toward his/her degree each semester. Please plan accordingly if you intend to take CS prerequisites while working toward a degree in another department.

Case studies of applying to transfer

SUCCESSFUL. A student enrolled in a graduate program in the Chemistry Department. She became interested in algorithms for molecular modeling and realized that she wanted a computer science degree. She took CS prerequisite courses while studying in the Chemistry Department. When she had completed the prerequisites, she applied for transfer admission to the CS department and was accepted.

UNSUCCESSFUL. A student wanted a CS degree, but didn't meet the admissions requirements. He was accepted into a program in an engineering department, for which he did meet the admissions requirements. When he arrived at the University, he applied for transfer admission to the CS department. Since he did not meet the CS admissions requirements, his application to transfer was denied.