Transfer of Graduate Courses

CS Graduate Course Transfer Policy

Up to 12 credits of graduate courses may be transferred into the M.S. in CS program. If you took courses at UMass Lowell before you matriculated into the program, and you wish to count those courses toward the program, they must be formally transferred and will count toward the 12 credit limit.

Transfer courses must meet the Graduate School's rules concerning transfer courses (see the Graduate Catalog). Each transfer course must also be evaluated by the CS Department before it can be accepted for transfer.

To request a course transfer, submit the following materials to the CS Graduate Coordinator:

  • An official transcript, sent directly to the Computer Science department, unless the transcript is already on file. (The transcripts you submitted with your application are already on file, as are any transcripts you may have submitted with previous petitions.)
  • A graduate academic petition form (use a separate form for each course you wish to transfer). State on the form whether the transcript is already on file or whether it is being sent to the department.
  • Supporting materials sufficient to allow the faculty to determine the content and level of the course (catalog description + syllabus + exams, assignments, and projects). You do not need to submit supporting materials if you are transferring courses taken at UMass Lowell.

NOTE: The CS Graduate Coordinator may send you to specific faculty members to have your petition evaluated.