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Conditions of Admission to Graduate Program

Some students are admitted to the M.S. or Ph.D. in CS with conditions, which are listed in the acceptance letter from the Graduate School. Each condition is a requirement for remedial coursework in one of the knowledge areas required for entrance into the M.S. in CS program.

  • Conditions are satisfied by passing the indicated course(s) with at least the minimum grade(s) specified in the acceptance letter. If no minimum is specified, then a student's condition courses must be passed with an average of B or better and with no grade below C. 
  • Conditions must be satisfied within the time limit specified in the acceptance letter. If no time limit is specified, then the conditions must be satisfied within the first year of matriculation. 
  • Courses taken to satisfy conditions do not receive graduate credit and do not count toward the degree. 
  • Passing a graduate course for which a condition course is a prerequisite does not satisfy the condition.