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James Whitten

James E. Whitten, Ph.D. Professor


Physical & materials chemistry at surfaces & interfaces

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 1991.
The Ohio State University, Columbus (Adviser: P. L. Jones).
Thesis Research Performed at Argonne National Laboratory
(with D. M. Gruen, M. J. Pellin).
Dissertation Title: Electron-Stimulated Desorption from Aluminum Surfaces.

B.S. (Double Major) in Chemistry and Mathematics, 1985.
Magna Cum Laude Graduate.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL


The Whitten Research Group is interested in physical chemistry at surfaces and interfaces.  Research projects include polymer/metal interfaces for organic light-emitting diodes and organic photovoltaic devices.  Other active projects include optically studying surface diffusion for heteroepitaxy applications and electron-induced polymerization investigations of condensed conjugated molecules. Dr. Whitten is also a member of the Center for Advanced Materials.