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Janet SchrenkAssociate Teaching Professor

Research Interests


science education, especially as it applies to chemistry

Selected Publications

  • Mann, K.R., Blough, A.M., Schrenk, J., Koefod, R.S., Freedman, D.A., Matachek, J.R. (1995) "Mechanistic Aspects of the Photochemistry of Cpm (Q'= Arene)]+ Complexes of Fe, Ru and 0 S," Pure & Appl. Chem 16:1 pp. 95-101
  • Schrenk, J., Malde, P., Bordley, J.L. (1993) "The Chemistry of Art: A Laboratory Intensive Course Designed to Interest Nonscientists in Chemistry," Journal of chemical education 70:5
  • Schrenk, J., McNair, A.M., McCormick, F.B., Mann, K.R. (1986) "Effect of Arene Methylation on Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of the Iron and Ruthenium Complexes (. Eta. 5-c5 (ch3) 5) M (. Eta. 6-Arene)]+(M= Fe, Ru) Complexes," Inorganic chemistry 25:19 pp. 3501-3504
  • Schrenk, J., Mann, K.R. (1986) "Photochemical Studies of . Eta. 5-c5r5) M (. Eta. 6-Cot)] pf6 and (. Eta. 5-c5r5) M (. Eta. 4-1, 5-Cot) L] pf6 Complexes of Iron and Ruthenium," Inorganic chemistry 25:11 pp. 1906-1908
  • McNair, A.M., Schrenk, J., Mann, K.R. (1984) "Effect of Arene Substituents and Temperature on the Arene Replacement Reactions of (. eta. 5-C5H5) Fe (. eta. 6-arene)]+ and (. eta. 5-C5H5) Ru (. eta. 6-arene)]+," Inorganic chemistry 23:17 pp. 2633-2640
  • Schrenk, J., Palazzotto, M.C., Mann, K.R. (1983) "Solvent and Ion-Pairing Effects on the Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of (. eta. 5-C5H5) Fe (. eta. 6-p-xyl)]+(p-xyl= p-xylene). Evidence for a medium-assisted photochemical ligand replacement pathway from a LF excited state," Inorganic chemistry 22:26 pp. 4047-4049