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Janet Schrenk

Janet Schrenk
Janet SchrenkAssociate Teaching Professor

Research Interests


Science education, especially as it applies to chemistry


  • Ph D: Inorganic Chemistry, (1985), University of Minnesota -Twin Cities - Minneapolis–Saint Paul MI
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Dissertation Title: Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of η5-Cyclopentadienyl Iron(II) η6-Arene Cations
  • BA: Chemistry, (1980), Carleton College - Northfield, MI

Selected Publications

  • Mann, K., Blough, A., Schrenk, J., Koefod, R., Freeman, D., Matachek, J. (1995). Mechanistic Aspects of the Photochemistry of [CpM(η6-arene)]+ Complexes of Fe, Ru, and Os. Pure and Applied Chemistry, 67(1) 95-101.
  • Schrenk, J. (1994). Royal Benin Art: Surfaces Past and Present (pp. 51-62). The J. Paul Getty Museum and The Getty Conservation Institute
  • Schrenk, J. (1991). Corrosion and Past "Protective" Treatments of the Benin "Bronzes" in the National Museum of African Art (pp. 805-812). Materials Research Society
  • Schrenk, J., McNair, A., McCormick, F., Mann, K. (1986). Effect of Arene Methylation on Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5-C5(CH3)5)M(η6-arene)]+ (M=Fe, Ru) Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry, 25(19) 3501-3504.
  • Schrenk, J., Mann, K. (1986). Photochemical Studies of [(η5-C5R5)M(η6-COT)]+ and [(η5-C5R5)M(η4-1,5-COT)L]PF6 Complexes of Iron and Ruthenium. Inorganic Chemistry, 25(11) 1906-1908.
  • McNair, A., Schrenk, J., Mann, K. (1984). Effect of Arene Substituents and Temperature on the Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5- C5H5)Fe(η6-arene)]+ and [(η5-C5H5)Ru(η6-arene)]+. Inorganic Chemistry, 23(17) 2633-2640.
  • Schrenk, J., Palazzotto, M., Mann, K. (1983). Solvent and Ion-Pairing Effects on the Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5- C5H5)Fe(η6-p-xylene)]+. Evidence for a Medium-Assisted Photochemical Ligand Replacement Pathway from a LF Excited State. Inorganic Chemistry, 22(26) 4047-4049.