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Jessica Garcia

IMAGE OF Jessica Garcia
Jessica M. GarciaAssistant Teaching Professor


  • Ph D: Chemistry & Biochemistry, (2010), University of California, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Total synthesis of two stereoisomers of cyclocinamide A
  • BS: Chemistry, (2004), University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA

Selected Publications

  • Curzon, S.S., Garcia, J., Konopelski, J.P. (2015) "Total synthesis of nominal cyclocinamide B and investigation into the identity of the cyclocinamides", Tetrahedron Letters 56:23 pp. 2991-2994
  • Garcia, J., Curzon, S.S., Watts, K.R., Konopelski, J.P. (2012) "Total Synthesis of Nominal (11S)- and (11R)-Cyclocinamide A", Organic Letters 14:8 pp. 2054-2057
  • Prakash, G.S., Ismail, R., Garcia, J., Panja, C., Rasul, G., Mathew, T., Olah, G.A. (2011) "α-Halogenation of carbonyl compounds: halotrimethylsilane–nitrate salt couple as an efficient halogenating reagent system", Tetrahedron Letters 52:11 pp. 1217-1221