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Kwok-Fan Chow

Kwok-Fan Chow, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials

Research Interest

Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization, Energy Conversion and Storage, and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Educational Background

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
M.S., B.S., St. John's University


Kwok-Fan Chow joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2013.  He was a post-doctoral research associate in Prof. Royce W. Murray's group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He received his Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin under the guidance of Prof. Richard M. Crooks. Kwok was an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Enju Wang's lab at St. John's University, where he received his master and bachelor degrees.  He has broad research interests in electrochemistry, nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, energy conversion and storage, and bioanalytical chemistry.