Fall 2020 -

Friday, Sept. 11Long Luo
Department of Chemistry
Wayne State University
"Electrifying Inorganic and Organic Synthesis"
Friday, Sept. 25Björn M. Reinhard
Department of Chemistry
Boston University
"Investigating Virus-Cell Interactions with Rationally Designed Nanoparticles: Some Insights from HIV-1"
Friday, Oct. 09Mark Grinstaff
Department of Chemistry
Boston University
“Polymers for Cartilage Tissue Supplementation and Lubrication”
Friday, Oct. 23Jonathan G. Rudick
Department of Chemistry
Stony Brook University
“Precision Chemical Synthesis Approaches to Controlling Complexity in Self-organizing Materials”
Friday, Nov. 06Christopher J. Roberts
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Delaware
"Experimental and Computational Approaches for Controlling Protein Self-interactions and Therapeutic Protein Design"
Friday, Nov. 20Jonathan R. Lai
Department of Biochemistry
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"Structure-based design of Dengue and Zika virus immunogens (vaccines)"

Spring 2020

Friday, Jan. 31Chenfeng Ke
Department of Chemistry
Dartmouth College
“Supramolecular Chemistry at the Macroscopic Scale”
Friday, Feb. 14Clay S. Bennett
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University
"Towards Predictable Glycosylation Chemistries for the Construction of Deoxy-Sugar Oligosaccharides"
Friday, Feb. 28Sunny Zhou
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Northeastern University
"Protein Chemistry, Analysis and Medicine"