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Mark Hines

Mark Hines
Mark HinesProfessor
  • CollegeCollege of Sciences
  • DepartmentBiological Science
  • Phone(978) 934-2867
  • Fax(978) 934-3044

Research Interests

Microbial biogeochemistry; high latitude wetlands; methane production; sulfur cycling; mercury transformations in the environment; trace gases

Researchers in my laboratory study the role of microorganisms in the cycling of elements in depositional environments such as sediments, soils and wetland peats. I am especially interested in a) the production and consumption of trace gases and b) the transformation of toxic materials as well as their effects on microbial life. We are currently focused on two projects. In the first we examine phenomena that control the formation of biogenic methane in anaerobic freshwater wetlands at high latitude. In the second we investigate factors affecting the methylation and demethylation of mercury in soils, freshwater and marine sediments, as well as wastes associated with mining activities.


  • Ph D: Microbiology, (1981), University of New Hampshire - New Hampshire
  • MS: Microbiology, (1978), University of Connecticut - CT
  • BS: Microbiology, (1973), Ohio State University - OH

Selected Publications

  • Hines, M., Covelli, S., Faganeli, J., Horvat, M. (2017) "Controls on Microbial Mercury Transformations in Contaminated Sediments Downstream of the Idrija Mercury Mine (West Slovenia) to the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)," Journal of Soils and Sediments Special Publication: pp. 1–11
  • Megonigal, J., Hines, M., Visscher, P. (2014) "Anaerobic Metabolism: Linkages to Trace Gases and Aerobic Processes," Elsevier 10:2nd pp. 273-359
  • Hines, M., Poitras, E.N., Covelli, S., Faganeli, J., Emili, A., Žižek, S., Horvat, M. (2012) "Mercury Methylation and Demethylation in Hg-Contaminated Lagoon Sediments (Marano and Grado Lagoon, Italy)," Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 113: pp. 85-95
  • Gray, J.E., Hines, M. (2009) "Biogeochemical Mercury Methylation Influenced by Reservoir Eutrophication, Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir, Idaho, USA," Chemical Geology 258:3-4 pp. 157-167
  • Todorova, S.G., Driscoll Jr., C.T., Matthews, D.A., Effler, S.W., Hines, M., Henry, E.A. (2009) "Evidence for Regulation of Monomethyl Mercury by Nitrate in a Seasonally Stratified, Eutrophic Lake," Environmental Science and Technology 43:17 pp. 6572-6578
  • Chanton, J.P., Glaser, P.H., Chasar, L.S., Burdige, D.J., Hines, M., Siegel, D.I., Tremblay, L.B., Cooper, W.T. (2008) "Radiocarbon Evidence for the Importance of Surface Vegetation on Fermentation and Methanogenesis in Contrasting Types of Boreal Peatlands," Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22:4
  • Hines, M., Duddleston, K.N., Rooney-Varga, J.N., Fields, D., Chanton, J.P. (2008) "Uncoupling of Acetate Degradation from Methane Formation in Alaskan Wetlands: Connections to Vegetation Distribution," Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22:2
  • Rooney-Varga, J.N., Giewat, M.W., Duddleston, K.N., Chanton, J.P., Hines, M. (2007) "Links Between Archaeal Community Structure, Vegetation Type and Methanogenic Pathway in Alaskan Peatlands," FEMS microbiology ecology 60:2 pp. 240-251
  • Chanton, J.P., Fields, D., Hines, M. (2006) "Controls on the Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Biogenic Methane from High-Latitude Terrestrial Wetlands," Journal of Geophysical Research G: Biogeosciences 111:4
  • Hines, M. (2006) "Microbially Mediated Redox Cycling at the Oxic-Anoxic Boundary in Sediments: Comparison of Animal and Plants Habitats," Water, Air, and Soil Pollution: Focus 6:5-6 pp. 523-536
  • Hines, M., Gray, J.E., Higueras, P.L., Adatto, I., Lasorsa, B.K. (2004) "Mercury Speciation and Microbial Transformations in Mine Wastes, Stream Sediments, and Surface Waters at the Almad N Mining District, Spain," Environmental Science and Technology 38:16 pp. 4285-4292