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Ekaterina Vorotnikova

Ekaterina Vorotnikova is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at UMass Lowell.
Ekaterina Vorotnikova Assistant Teaching Professor
  • College
    Kennedy College of Sciences
  • Department
    Biological Sciences
  • Phone
  • Office
    Olsen Hall, 248B
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Ph.D., Biological Sciences, Physiology, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow
MS, Physiology, Cytology and Histology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Selected Publications

  1. Vorotnikova, E.V. (1984) Reactions of the lymphoid organs of rats to acute stress in hypokinesia. Kosm. Biol. Aviakosm. Med., Sep-Oct, 18(5), 50-54 (in Russian)
  2. Vorotnikova, E.V. (1984) Morphological manifestations of acute stress reactions in the adrenal cortex of hypokinetic rats. Kosm. Biol. Aviakosm. Med., Nov-Dec, 18(6),54-58 (in Russian).
  3. Vorotnikova, E.V., Zagorskaia, E.A. (1986) Morphologic and biochemical study of the functional state of the adrenal cortex in rats during prolonged hypokinesia. Kosm. Biol. Aviakosm. Med., Jan-Feb, 20(1), 41-45 (in Russian).
  4. Durnova, G.N., Vorotnikova, E.V. (1988) Histological study of the lymphoid organs of rats after a 7-day space flight on the Kosmos 1667 biosatellite. Kosm Biol Aviakosm Med., Mar-Apr, 22(2), 75-77 (in Russian).
  5. Durnova, G.N., Vorotnikova, E.V., Sakharova, Z.F., Kaplanskii, A.S., Kniazev, V.M. (1989) Histomorphologic study of the bones of monkeys after 14-day anti-orthostatic hypokinesia. Kosm Biol Aviakosm Med., Jan-Feb, 23(1), 22-26 (in Russian).
  6. Kaplansky, A.S., Durnova, G.N., Ilyina-Kakueva, E.I., Sakharova, Z.F., Vorotnikova E.V. (1990) Histomorphometric analysis of bones of cosmos-1887 rats. Physiologist. Feb;33(1 Suppl):S20-2.
  7. Durnova, G.N, Vorotnikova, E.V, Kaplanskii, A.S, Novikov, V.E. (1990) Osteoporosis in monkeys after anti-orthostatic hypokinesia. Kosm Biol Aviakosm Med. Nov-Dec, 24(6), 29-31(in Russian).
  8. Kaplansky, A.S, Durnova, G.N, Burkovskaya, T.E, Vorotnikova, E.V. (1991) The effect of microgravity on bone fracture healing in rats flown on Cosmos-2044. Physiologist, Feb, 34(1 Suppl),S196-199.
  9. Durnova, G.N., Burkovskaia, T.E., Vorotnikova, E.V., Kaplanskii, A.S., Arustamov, O.V. (1991)The effect of weightlessness on fracture healing of rats flown on the biosatellite Cosmos-2044. Kosm Biol Aviakosm Med., Sep-Oct, 25(5), 29-33 (in Russian)
  10. Vorotnikova, E., Tries, M., Braunhut, S. (2004) Retinoids and TIMP-1 Prevent Radiation-induced Apoptosis of Capillary Endothelial Cells, Radiation Research, Rad. Research, 161:174-184.
  11. Braunhut, S. J., D. McIntosh, E. Vorotnikova, T. Zhou, K. A. Marx. (2004) Development of a smart bandage: Applying electrical potential to selectively release wound healing growth factors from cell free extracellular matrices. MRS.711: 31-33.
  12. Susan J. Braunhut, D. McIntosh, E. Vorotnikova, T. Zhou, K A. Marx (2005) Detection of apoptosis and drug resistance of human breast cancer cells to taxane treatments using quartz crystal microbalance biosensor technology. Assay Drug Dev Technol. 3:77-88.
  13. E. Vorotnikova, R. Ivkov, M. Tries and S. J. Braunhut. 2006. The magnitude and time-dependence of the apoptotic response of normal and malignant cells subjected to ionizing radiation versus hyperthermia. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 82 (8): 549-559
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  15. E. Vorotnikova, R. A. Rosenthal, M. Tries, S. R. Doctrow, and S. J. Braunhut. (2009) Novel synthetic SOD/catalase mimetics can mitigate capillary endothelial cell apoptosis caused by ionizing radiation. Radiation Research: June 2010, Vol. 173, No. 6, pp. 748-759.