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Carol Myers

IMAGE OF Carol Myers
Dr. Carol Dion MyersAssociate Teaching Professor, Pre-med Coordinator
  • College
    College of Sciences
  • Department
    Biological Science
  • Phone
    (978) 934-4000
  • Office
    Olsen Hall - 521
  • Email

Research Interests

Developmental Biology, Genetics, Biology Education


  • Other: Troponin T in C. Elegans, (1995), University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA
  • Ph D: Developmental Genetics, (1993), Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, Ohio
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Molecular analysis of fs(1)polehole, a gene required for embryonic pattern formation and vitelline membrane integrity in Drosophila melanogaster.
  • BA: Biology, (1983), University of Rochester - Rochester, NY

Selected Publications

  • Myers, C.D., Goh, P.Y., Allen, T.S., Bucher, E.A., Bogaert, T. (1996). Developmental Genetic Analysis of Troponin T Mutations in Striated and Nonstriated Muscle Cells of Caenorhabditis Elegans. The Journal of cell biology, 132(6) 1061-77.
  • Myers, C.D. (Case Western Reserve University), Mahowald, A.P. (Case Western Reserve University) (1991). Normal Functions of Tumor Genes in Drosophila (pp. 91-100). Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  • Whitsett, J.A., Ross, G., Weaver, T., Rice, W., Myers, C.D., Hull, W. (1985). Glycosylation and Secretion of Surfactant-Associated Glycoprotein A. The Journal of biological chemistry, 260(28) 15273-9.
  • Whitsett, J.A., Weaver, T., Hull, W., Ross, G., Myers, C.D. (1985). Synthesis of Surfactant-Associated Glycoprotein a by Rat Type II Epithelial Cells. Primary Translation Products and Post-Translational Modification. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 828(2) 162-71.
  • Rice, W.R., Hull, W.M., Myers, C.D., Hollinger, B.A., Whitsett, J.A. (1985). Activation of cAMP Dependent Protein Kinase During Surfactant Release from Type II Pneumocytes. Experimental lung research, 9(1-2) 135-49.
  • Whitsett, J.A., Hull, W., Myers, C.D., Lessard, J. (1985). cAMP Dependent Actin Phosphorylation in Developing Rat Lung and Type II Epithelial Cells. Experimental lung research, 9(3-4) 191-209.

Selected Presentations

  • Does Flipping Really Improve Student Learning? - UML Teaching and Learning Symposium, November 2014
  • Flipping Biochemistry - UML Teaching and Learning Symposium, November 2013 - Lowell