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Jeffrey R. Moore

image of Jeffrey Moore
Jeffrey R. MooreProfessor, Graduate Coordinator

Research Interests

The study of molecular mechanics and cellular motility. Cell motility, regulation of cell shape and the mechanism and regulation of muscle contraction.

Our lab’s main interest is the study of molecular mechanics and cellular motility. We employ single molecule fluorescence techniques and laser trapping assays to study: the mechanism and regulation muscle contraction, cell motility, and the regulation of cell shape. Our lab’s investigations of cardiac muscle contraction focus on the effects of cardiomyopathy-causing amino acid substitutions on myosin’s mechanical and enzymatic properties and tropomyosin’s ability to regulate muscle contraction via the calcium/troponin system. We are also investigating actin filament network mechanics and the regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics.


  • Other: Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, (2003), University of Vermont - Vermont
  • Ph D: Cell & Molecular Biology, (1999), University of Vermont - Vermont
  • MS: Biological Sciences, (1993), UMass Lowell - Massachusetts
  • BS: Biological Sciences, (1991), University of Lowell (UL) - MA

Selected Publications

  • Dutta, S., Tsiros, C., Sundar, S.L., Athar, H., Moore, J.R., Nelson, B., Gage, M., Nishikawa, K. (2018) "Calcium increases titin N2A binding to F-actin and regulated thin filaments.", Scientific reports 8:1 pp. 14575
  • Lehman, W., Li , X., Kiani, F.A., Moore, J.R., Campbell, S.G., Fischer, S., Rynkiewicz, M.J. (2018) "Precise Binding of Tropomyosin on Actin Involves Sequence-Dependent Variance in Coiled-Coil Twisting.", Biophysical journal 115:6 pp. 1082-1092
  • Farman, G.P., Rynkiewicz, M.J., Orzechowski, M., Lehman, W., Moore, J.R. (2018) "HCM and DCM cardiomyopathy-linked α-tropomyosin mutations influence off-state stability and crossbridge interaction on thin filaments.", Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 647: pp. 84-92
  • Rynkiewicz, M.J., Prum, T., Hollenberg, S., Kiani, F.A., Fagnant, P.M., Marston, S.B., Trybus, K.M., Fischer, S., Moore, J.R., Lehman, W. (2017) "Tropomyosin Must Interact Weakly with Actin to Effectively Regulate Thin Filament Function.", Biophysical journal 113:11 pp. 2444-2451
  • Guo, M., Pegoraro, A.F., Mao, A., Zhou, E.H., Arany, P.R., Han, Y., Burnette, D.T., Jensen, M.H., Kasza, K.E., Moore, J.R., Mackintosh, F.C., Fredberg, J.J., Mooney, D.J., Lippincott-Schwartz, J., Weitz, D.A. (2017) "Cell volume change through water efflux impacts cell stiffness and stem cell fate.", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114:41 pp. E8618-E8627
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  • Achal, M., Trujillo, A.S., Melkani, G.C., Farman, G.P., Ocorr, K., Viswanathan, M.C., Kaushik, G., Newhard, C.S., Glasheen, B.M., Melkani, A., Suggs, J.A., Moore, J.R., Swank, D.M., Bodmer, R., Cammarato, A., Bernstein, S.I. (2016) "A Restrictive Cardiomyopathy Mutation in an Invariant Proline at the Myosin Head/Rod Junction Enhances Head Flexibility and Function, Yielding Muscle Defects in Drosophila.", Journal Of Molecular Biology 428:11 pp. 2446 - 2461
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