Biological Sciences

Prospective Students

Students majoring in Biological Sciences prepare for a variety of careers in which they will contribute to our understanding of basic life processes and the solution of problems related to health and the environment.

After receiving their bachelor's degree, many will be employed by academic and industrial research institutions or will be involved in biomedical research or environmental field studies. Some become science educators; others choose to continue their education in professional (medical, veterinary, dental) schools or complete requirements for the M.S. or Ph.D. in graduate school. Integration of their science knowledge with that derived from core courses in the humanities and social sciences will prepare our graduates to better understand the complex scientific and ethical issues that will arise as advances continue to be made in contemporary biology.

Undergraduate Information

"Principles of Biology" lectures are simulcast to regional high schools for advanced high school student credit.

Potential transfer students should contact Dr. Carol Myers, our Transfer Counselor, by e-mail: or telephone at 978-934-3472.

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