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Summer Programs

Most of these summer programs provide for a stipend, travel expenses and board:

  1. The Ohio State University SUCCESS Program
  2. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) - M.D. / Ph.D. Summer Undergraduate Research Programs
  3. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine - Summer 2012 Undergraduate Research Opportunities
    There are a 15 programs that are available through Case Western.
  4. Des Moines University
    This school has osteopathic, podiatric, and PA programs.
  5. Focus on the Future summer program (ICO)
    The Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) will host the 5th annual Focus on the Future summer program for underrepresented minority undergraduate students. The program is a weeklong experience that will expose undergraduate students to the profession of optometry in a variety of settings. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and work with current optometry students, ICO Faculty & Staff, as well as practicing optometrists. Students will be housed at no charge in the residential complex. There is no cost to participate in this program. Participants are responsible for their travel expenses and/or transportation cost to and from ICO.
  6. UMass Medical School College Summer Enrichment Program
  7. UMass Medical School Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  8. Summer Medical & Dental Education Program (SMDEP)
    There are 12 schools associated with this program. Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) is a FREE (full tuition, housing, and meals) six-week summer academic enrichment program that offers freshman and sophomore college students intensive and personalized medical and dental school preparation. Sometimes travel is included.
  9. Weill Cornell Medical School/ Rockefeller / Sloan-Kettering Gateways to The Laboratory Summer Program
    Their summer program is a tri-institutional program in New York City for interested M.D. /Ph.D. students.
  10. University of Pennsylvania-School of Veterinary Medicine
    Summer program application form (PDF)
    Summer program details (PDF)
  11. Ohio University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  12. Summer Clinical Internship Program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School