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Frank Colby

Frank Colby headshot
Frank P ColbyProfessor
  • CollegeCollege of Sciences
  • DepartmentEnvir., Earth & Atmos. Science
  • Phone(978) 934-3906

Research Interests

Weather modeling, analysis and forecasting, boundary layer meteorology


  • Ph D: Meteorology, (1983), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • MS: Meteorology, (1979), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • BS, (1976), University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Awards and Honors

  • Best Graduate Student Talk (2005), Leadership - Boston University, Department of Earth Sciences
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Honor. (2004), Scholarship/Research - NSF
  • Chairman's Fellowship (2003), Scholarship/Research - Boston University
  • Denton Scholarship (2003), Scholarship/Research - Boston University
  • Marshall Scholarship Regional Finalist Honor (2003), Scholarship/Research - Marshall
  • Departmental Honors (2002), Service, Professional - Anthropology, University of Oregon
  • University of Oregon (2002), Service, University - Phi Beta Kappa
  • Clarice Krieg Scholarship (1999), Scholarship/Research - University of Oregon.
  • Phi Eta Sigma (1999), Service, Professional - University of Oregon.
  • Laurel Award Scholarship (1998), Scholarship/Research - University of Oregon.


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  • Colby, F.P. (2015) "Global Ensemble Forecast Tracks for Tropical Storm Debby," Weather and Forecasting 2015
  • William, S., Colby, F.P. (2012) "The effects of warmer sea surface temperatures on nor'easters in New England. Proceedings of 25th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction," Weather Analysis and Forecasting, Montreal, CA, 29:
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  • Colby, F.P., Barlow, M. (2009) "Have New England heat waves been influenced by forest cover trends?". Proceedings of 23rd Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/19th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction,," Omaha, NE,
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  • Barlow, M., Hoell, A., Colby, F.P. (2007) "Examining the wintertime response to tropical convection over the Indian Ocean by modifying convective heating in a full atmospheric model," Geophysical Research Letters 34:19
  • Hamel, R.P., Colby, F.P. (2004) "A case study of the Princeton, Massachusetts "Father's Day" tornado of June 17th, 2001,"
  • Colby, F.P. (2004) "Analysis of the Texas Northern: Case study," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society pp. 1953-1963
  • Colby, F.P. (2004) "Simulation of the New England Sea Breeze: The effect of grid spacing," Weather and Forecasting 19:2 pp. 277-285
  • Colby, F.P. (1998) "A preliminary investigation of temperature errors in operational forecasting models," Weather and Forecasting 13:1 pp. 187-205
  • Colby, F.P. (1994) "A Loran-Based Rawinsonde System for Undergraduate Meteorology Programs," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 75:6
  • Seitter, K.L., Colby, F.P. (1992) "A mesobeta-scale model in boundary-layer coordinates," Monthly Weather Review 120:11 pp. 2853-2868
  • Seitter, K.L., Colby, F.P., Treanor, B. (1991) "Dissemination of Student Forecasts through Cooperative Agreements with Commercial and Nonprofit Radio and Television Stations," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 72:9
  • Seitter, K.L., Colby, F.P., Greenwood, A. (1988) "A prototype program for improving science education by providing real-time weather data to precollege students," Bulletin - American Meteorological Society 69:4 pp. 386-389
  • Seitter, K.L., Colby, F.P. (1986) "Forecasts for the community by students at the University of Lowell.," Bulletin - American Meteorological Society 67:9 pp. 1132-1134

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Weather Data (2011), -
    Colby, F.P. (Principal)
  • Weather Data as Needed (2009), -
    Colby, F.P. (Principal)
  • Rain Precipitation Data FY 09 (2008), -
    Colby, F.P. (Principal)
  • Rain Precipitation Data FY 08 (2007), Grant -
    Colby, F.P. (Principal)
  • Yearly Rain Precipitation (2006), Grant -
    Colby, F.P. (Principal)