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Kimberly Howell

Kimberly Howell
Kimberly Howell, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty


Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Petroleum Geology

Educational Background

Ph.D. Geological Oceanography, Old Dominion University
M.S. Geology, Old Dominion University
B.S. Geology, Old Dominion University


Worked as a university professor for almost ten years teaching at Old Dominion University, Tidewater Community College and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Moved to Houston, TX to work at a petroleum geologist for 4.5 years. Moved to Anchorage, AK to work as a petroleum geologist at BP for 2 years. Currently work for IHRDC, a company that specializes in on-line courses in geology, geophysics and engineering for the oil and gas industry.