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Prospective Students

The Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EEAS) covers the interdisciplinary study the earth and its atmosphere. Our students and faculty are passionate about understanding earth systems and applying that knowledge to solve environmental and sustainability challenges.

Real-World Application

After receiving their degrees, many graduates will be employed by industry, academia, and governmental agencies.

Our job profiles include:

  • Weather Forecasting
  • Flood and Extreme Weather Predictions
  • Water and Soil Pollution and Remediation
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Climate Modelling
  • Resource Exploration and Development
  • Sustainability Officers
  • K-12 Education

Graduate Student Research and Teaching Assistantships

Fall 2018

The Department of Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (EEAS) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers exciting graduate research and teaching assistantships for motivated students.

View the TA / RA positions for Graduate Students


For more information please contact Lori Weeden regarding Undergraduate Programs, and Kate Swanger regarding Graduate Programs.