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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers programs of study that provide a firm base in science and mathematics and a broad understanding of the natural environment. The programs are multi-disciplinary in approach, and the composition of the faculty reflects this multidisciplinary character.

Why Study Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at UMass Lowell?

Real-World Experience

UMass Lowell Atmospheric Science (Meteorology) students gained real-world experience forecasting the weather during the unusual, 2015, winter-weather pattern. "It's exciting! It's the best time to be a weather major."  - Student Michaella Farese


Graduate Options

The EEAS Department offers a Master's and Doctoral degree. Read about graduate programs.

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Facilities & Research

Housed in the department is a weather center with satellite links and remote observation platforms. UMass Lowell's research centers and labs maintain active collaborations with other universities and research facilities.

Degree Requirements

For students who wish to explore the earth, weather and the environment, the department has three program concentrations that offer Bachelor of Science degrees in environmental science: 

The department also offers a minor in: 

Application & Requirements

Students must meet all established university admissions standards as described in the online undergraduate catalog. Read more about applying to UMass Lowell on the admissions site.