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Several years ago, we surveyed our alumni as part of the academic review process. A total of 110 alumni responded and their responses reflect the diversity of our alumni.

Some respondents graduated more than 30 years ago and mentioned faculty who have retired, courses that have been changed and equipment that has been upgraded. Former students are now working in forecasting, environmental consulting, education and other occupations related to the environment and meteorology. Some alumni have experienced a wide array of work experiences, while others have held a single job. Many have advanced degrees and have different perspectives from those who do not. 

Here is what a few had to say about their experiences with our department:

"To attend Lowell over 25 years ago was one of the most important decisions of my life. The University provided me with a wealth of knowledge and an educational foundation on which I was able to build a solid career." -Barry M. Burbank, meteorologist, WBZ-TV, Boston   

"I can honestly say that my appreciation for the knowledge I was given and the skills I was taught continues to grow...I constantly rely on my understanding of the interrelationships between the various disciplines of science; an understanding that was only acquired through participation in the Environmental Science program." -Bill Smith, senior environmental specialist, Gillette Co., Andover