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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

UMass Lowell Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Julie Chen
Julie Chen, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Professor, Co-Director


Composite Materials, Nanomanufacturing.

Research Interest

Deformation of fibrous and textile structures, affordable composites manufacturing, novel textile architectures, impact and crashworthiness, and nano-composites.

Educational Background

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Julie Chen has taught in the mechanical engineering departments at both UMass Lowell and Boston University and is considered one of the region's leading experts on nanotechnology.

Her interests are in mechanical behavior and deformation of fiber structures, fiber assemblies and composite materials. Additionally, her work focuses on experimental investigation and analytical modeling of processing such as forming, stamping, energy absorption,fatigue, and failure behavior of composites as they relate to the fiber architecture and manufacturing defects.

Chen also serves as the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation for the University.