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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.


Group photo of SHAP3D members taken in Fall 2019. SHAP3D is a collaboration between the University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Connecticut and Georgia Institute of Technology to create an National Science Foundation I/UCRC focused on 3D printing. The Center's work encompasses many different additive printing/manufacturing methods and will enable:  rational design and creation of new material feedstocks understanding the material properties, protocols, and design rules used in 3D printing developing new 3D printing methods for novel materials and composites


  • Seung-Kyum Choi (Georgia Tech) - Design with Uncertainty
  • Hammond Frank (Georgia Tech) - Robotics
  • Glaucio Paulino (Georgia Tech) - Design Optimization
  • Suresh Sitaraman (Georgia Tech) - Flexible Electronics


  • Raheem Beyah (Georgia Tech) - Cyber-security
  • Blair Brettman (Georgia Tech) - Materials for AM
  • Xinyu Chao (UCONN) - Heat Transfer
  • Bodhi Chaudhuri (UCONN) - Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Suman Das (Georgia Tech) - Additive Manufacturing
  • Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell) - Manufacturing, Processing, Materials
  • Rainer Herbert (UCONN) - Metal Additive manufacturing
  • Scott Holister (Georgia Tech) - Bio-materials
  • Steve Johnstaon (UMass Lowell) - Filled Polymer System
  • David Kazmer (UMass Lowell) - Process design, Simulation, Instrumentation and Control
  • Lisa Kuhn (UCONN) - Bio-printing
  • Thomas Kurfess (Georgia Tech) - Advanced Manufacturing
  • Elisabetta Matsumoto (Georgia Tech) - Bio-mimetic Design
  • Jeff McCutcheon (UCONN) - 3D Printed Membranes
  • Joey Mead (UMass Lowell) - Nano-manufacturing, Rubbers / Elastomers
  • Shreyes Melkote (Georgia Tech) - Composite AM
  • Jay Park (UMass Lowell) - Polymer Processing
  • Christopher Saldana (Georgia Tech) - Advanced Characterization
  • Corey Shemelya (UMass Lowell) - Printed Electronics
  • Manos Tentzeris (Georgia Tech) - Printed Electronics
  • Javier VeraSorroche (UMass Lowell) - Plastics Processing
  • Ben Wang (Georgia Tech) - Manufacturing
  • Hualiang Zhang (UMass Lowell) - Printed Electronics


  • Carol Barry (UMass Lowell) - Characterization 
  • Gulden Camci-Umal (UMass Lowell) - Bio-materials, Personalized Medicine
  • Yulin Deng ( Georgia Tech) - Nano-materials
  • Jasna Jankovic (UCONN) - Nano-composites, Multi-scale modeling and Imaging
  • Joshua Kacher (Georgia tech) - Nano-materials   
  • Surya Kalidindi (Georgia Tech) - Big Data Science for Material Design
  • Anson Ma (UCONN) - Rheology, Bio-printing, Flexible Electronics, Polymer Composites, Food Printing
  • Nese Orbey (UMass Lowell) - Structure-Property Relations in Polymers
  • Amy Peterson (UMass Lowell) - Adhesion, Structure-Property-Processing Relationships
  • Meisha Shofner (Georgia Tech) - Characterization
  • Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline (UMass Lowell) - Plastics Processing, Sustainable Polymers
  • Vladimir Tsukruk (Georgia Tech) - Nano-materials
  • Shuman Xia (Georgia Tech) - Nano-material Characterization
  • Qian Yang (UCONN) - Machine Learning for material Design
  • Chuck Zhang (Georgia Tech) - Composite
  • Steve Suib (UCONN) - Metal Oxide


  • Martha Grover (Georgia Tech) - Macro-molecular Structures and Function
  • Carson Meredith (Georgia Tech) - Advanced Renewable Materials
  • Anna Osterholm (Georgia Tech) - Conductive Polymers
  • Elsa Reichmanis (Georgia Tech) - Photovoltaic
  • John Reynolds (Georgia Tech) - Conductive Polymers
  • Eric Shen (Georgia Tech) - Conductive Polymers
  • James Whitten (UMass Lowell) - Physical Chemistry at Surfaces, Interfaces


  • Pamir Alpay (UCONN) - Property Simulations
  • Alireza Amirkhizi (UMass Lowell) - Constitutive Modeling of Polymers
  • Tai-His Fan (UCONN) - Modeling of Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Ying Li (UCONN) - Multi-scale Modeling of Polymer and 3D Printing
  • Marianna Maiaru (UMass Lowell) - Mechanics and Materials Modeling
  • Ramesh Malla (UCONN) - Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial 3D Printed  Structures and Components
  • Davide Masato (UMass Lowell) - Molding, Injection Molding and Micro-molding
  • Scott Stapleton (UMass Lowell) - Mechanics and Materials Modeling
  • Jerry Qi (Georgia Tech) - Constitutive Modeling and 4D Printing
  • Anna Tarakanova (UCONN) - Multi-scale Modeling, Bio-materials, Bio-manufacturing
  • Qian Yang (UCONN) - Machine Learning
  • Jun Yan (UCONN) - Statistical Modeling
  • Min Zhou (Georgia Tech) - Multi-scale Modeling