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Statewide Survey of Registered Voters for Midterm Elections

Statewide Survey of Registered Voters

Sign with Elections 2018 printed on it
UMass Lowell and the Boston Globe have partnered to survey Massachusetts voters Oct. 1-7, 2018 ahead of 2018 midterm elections. Our survey of 791 registered voters with a likely voter sub-sample of 485 allows for comparison of the likely electorate with the plausible electorate of all registered voters in the Commonwealth.  

Key Findings

  • Baker and Warren both have large double-digit leads

  • Baker has a 76 percent favorability rating among likely voters

  • On Question 1 (nursing staffing levels) opposition among likely voters is 51 percent, with 43 percent expecting to vote yes

  • Nearly twice as many registered voters said they would not confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh (61 percent) as said they would confirm him (33 percent)

  • Response to the Columbia Gas pipeline explosions is overwhelmingly negative, especially among those in the county effected