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Download the Metasploitable2 and files, and uncompress them to a directory of your choice. (See Digital Forensics Lab Setup page).


Next, start vmware (make sure the vmware agent is running, on most Linux distributions, run "service vmware start" as root) and press Ctrl+O to open an existing VM. Browse to the extracted VMs, and add both.

You should now have the Metasploitable and SEEDUbuntu VMs in your list of virtual machines. On each, in turn, right click that menu entry, select "Settings", click the "Network Adapter" entry, and select the radio dial for "Host-only".

Host-only allows the host computer, the virtual machines, and vmware (which provides a dhcp server) to talk to each other. For an explanation of the other options, please see


You'll also need to install a Windows XP SP3 machine (We used a Windows Professional disc). A license key is not necessary for the labs as long as you're within the first thirty days from installation, so acquire a disc or disc image and install according to these instructions: .