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Two UMass Lowell male students doing a science demonstration for a classroom full of young Haitian children on a visit to Haiti in 2016.

Teacher Training & College Preparatory Science Program

Only about 1 in 5 secondary-school age children actually attend a secondary school.

Recruiting select Haitian students, HDSC faculty are developing curriculum for an on-going self-directed learning program to assess college readiness in English-based academics and degree programs.

Participating students have the flexibility to make their own schedules of study, work at an individualized pace of instruction, and use on-line assessment tools for gaining faculty feedback on their academic progress.

The range of instructional materials includes computer-assisted instruction and CD's, as well as on-line curriculum with UMass Lowell instructors.

Computers are available at HDSC’s facility and visiting faculty periodically meet with the students in Les Cayes, Haiti.