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Fabrication/Prototyping Laboratory

Fabrication/prototyping laboratory

  • Micro-compounder, HT 15,  Xplore
    • Cast Film Pro Line, Xplore
    • Fiber Spin Line with Multi Filament Die (12 filaments), Xplore
    • Fiber Conditioning Unit, Xplore
  • Yarn Twister, DirecTwist, 2C6/D6 Hybrid, with Servo Feeder, Agteks
  • Maypole Braider B10-16, Wardwell (including Tube Winder, Model #50, Wardwell)
  • Jacquard Digital Weaving Loom, Thread Controller 2 (TC2), Tronrud Engineering
  • Knitting Machine, CMS 330 HP W TT Sport, Stoll 
  • Roll-to-roll Coating Platform and Harper Image Flexographic Printer, Batchelder & Sons 
  • 3D Printer Platform, 3Dn-300, nScrypt
  • Wire/Fiber Coating Line, Batchelder & Sons (including SpeedMixer, DAC 400.2 VAC-P, FlackTek)
To reserve equipment, please visit the Core Research Facilities, Fabric Discovery Center portal. For any questions about the reservation process, please email or call 978-934-2672.