Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center


Connecting the resources of the University of Massachusetts to medical device companies in the Commonwealth. 

"M2D2 provides that support when companies need it and at a reasonable cost.”Hooks Johnston, Senior VP (Retired), Smith & Nephew, Past Chairman, Board of Directors, MassMEDIC

M2D2 Directors:

For Engineering Assistance:
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Stephen P. McCarthy, Ph.D.
University Professor 
Department of Plastics Engineering 
Phone: 978-934-3417

For Clinical Trial Assistance:
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
Nathaniel (Nate) Hafer, Ph.D.
Director of Operations 
UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science
Phone: 508-856-2511

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
Margaret J. Koziel, M.D.
Senior Director of Clinical Research 
UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science
Phone: 508-856-2319

For Business Assistance:
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Steven Tello, Ed.D.
Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development 
Assoc. Professor, Management & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 978-934-4240

M2D2 Executive Committee:

In addition to the M2D2 Directors listed above the M2D2 executive board includes the following:

  • Lisa Abdallah, Associate Chair & Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Ruth Dubey, Executive Assistant, M2D2 & Administrative Assistant, Plastics Engineering Department
  • Rajnish Kaushik, Licensing & Business Development Manager, Office of CVIP, University of Massachusetts Lowell 
  • Scott Latham, Assoc. Professor, Strategy,  Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Christopher W. Macomber, MD, Resident in General Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Thomas O'Donnell, Visiting Instructor, Marketing Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Mary Ann Picard, Associate Director, Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center
  • Satinder Rawat, Licensing Officer, Office of Technology Management, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Eugene J. Rogers, Chair, College of Health Sciences, Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Science, University of Massachusetts Lowell 
  • Christopher Smith, Director, Corporate Relations, University Advancement, University of Massachusetts Lowell

M2D2 Advisory Board:

  • Jack Wilson, President Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Advisory Board Chair
  • Daniel Baril, President & CEO, Baril Corporation
  • Abigail (Abi) Barrow, Director, Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, UMass President's Office
  • James Barry, Principal, Convergent BioMedical Group, LLC
  • John Brooks III, President & CEO, Joslin Diabetes Center
  • Mark Boden, Senior Fellow, Corporate Research, Boston Scientific
  • Thomas Chmura, Vice President for Economic Development, University of Massachusetts President’s Office
  • Chris Coghlin, President & CEO, Coghlin Companies, Inc.
  • Kathleen (Kay) Doyle, Professor (Retired) & Former Chair, Dept. of Clinical Lab and Nutritional Sciences, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Michael Fritschy, EVP of Manufacturing, Daktari Diagnostics
  • Bill Geary, Member, Mintz Levin, PC 
  • Hooks Johnston, (SVP, Smith & Nephew, Retired)
  • Peter Litman, Attorney & Member of the Firm, Outside GC, LLC
  • Katherine Luzuriaga, MD, Director of UMCCTS, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Paul Nazzaro, President & CEO, Injectronics Corporation
  • Katherine Oates, Technology Mgr., Adv. Surgical Devices Tech Assessment & Emerg. Therapies, Smith & Nephew, Inc.
  • Kevin O'Sullivan, President and CEO, Massachusetts, Biotechnology Initiative (MBI)
  • Richard Packer, President & CEO, Zoll Medical Corporation
  • Mark Saab, President, Advanced Polymers
  • Thomas Sommer, President, MassMEDIC
  • Josh Tolkoff, Managing Director, Ironwood Equity Fund LP
  • Mark Trusheim, President, Co-Bio Consulting, LLC
  • Edward (Ned) C. Williams III, Partner, Brook Venture Partners